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Postby Jesse » Tue Dec 16, 2003 12:43 pm

I wrote often on this subject in Tangent and was summarily ignored by the SS. I will try again here.

We've already made an effort to use faction chat rather than private lines, which is, frankly, the first step to becoming a much stronger faction.

What I would like to see is this: A vetting process, whereby certain important people (PPUs, Hackers) are authorized to be in several TH clans, and may switch temporarily without stepping on any toes, to aid another faction in an OP fight/hack/raid. The important part about this is that the people be authorized and known in advance, perhaps a list posted on a thread here in Tech Haven forums. I myself am building a hacker (I will let you know when he is ready) for this purpose.

If we do things this way, and talk mostly on faction channel, although we dont have many players, it will be easier for whatever clan happens to want to take an op or conduct a raid to scrape together the support crew from the other clans without actually stealing away the clans players in a permanent way. It also, incidentally, sets up sort of a 'hacker pool,' in that the known hackers whos names are on the list can all become useful to ALL the clans, enabling ALL our clans to be able to take outposts, instead of just the clan they are affiliated with. I know this already happens this way to a certain extent, but we need to make it much easier and faster and more well known. We may have fewer players than the other factions, but if we get a good system like this set up, we will find ourselves able to strike more often - and that is VERY important.

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Postby Zane » Tue Dec 16, 2003 7:58 pm


See the 'Blue Pages' and also Morpheous' 'FA Runner Database'

There's your list of whatever you need. Besides, we already do this. Every Fallen Angels helps the others. It just those who don't take note of the rest, don't get the support of the rest.
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Postby HusK » Tue Dec 16, 2003 9:34 pm

actualy the idea was completely 100% used by all FA except for switching clans, hackers just hacked the first two layers after which the clan finished it, defenses and everything was highly coördinated by the people in the faction.

I must say however that the dedication of before has gone down, especialy with myself.
Before, I gave rare parts to anyone of this faction away for free, I worked for free, I instantly genrepped to locations where FA where in need of help when I was able to.

Now I'm just more into myself, I no longer give rare parts away for free(except to clanmembers), I think twice before taking the large effort to help another runner in a fight far away, and when I'm busy I think twice before going down to help defend TH, I still work for free tho, but I don't tell everyone that I'm AV as fast as I did before. (right now I'm not much of a tradeskiller anyway :p )

For those new to the faction, it has only been a few months since Dark left FA, and when they did this faction was put upside down, everyone left.
At the lowest count we had no more than about 10 to 15 people active in this faction ( thus not always online at the same time ).
Working together was our only way to keep our head out:

small detail, phoenix was the last active clan in FA, if phoenix was not here I wouldn't have been here, if I wouldn't have been here killer wouldn't have been here(he left and returned in one week), if killer wouldn't have been here TgR would never have split from phoenix into (restarting) a fighting clan. Also if Mirrorshades didn't restart and exist and TgR did not exist there would have been no real defense for TH, if there would have been no good defense for TH then FA wouldn't get more popular, if FA didn't get more popular than this faction would have died.

You can understand how important it all was for us to work together, that need is no longer as high as it was back then. ( oh btw zane I think you can call yourselves the saviour of FA in a way :shock: :x )

I'm talking to much cause I long for those days, altho the attacks shocked us every time and we hated it at the time, it gave us a goal, we where all friends, everyone knew eachother as good as they knew there clan friends. Those days seem far out of reach, as to many people have left this game that I called close friends.
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Postby Richard Parker » Sat Dec 20, 2003 3:24 am

As any additional note, after the thefts at Phoenix, several members of other clans left their respective clans to join Phoenix temporarily to help rebuild.

I think this shows the FA spirit of community very well, and that generally, the only thing stopping people from clan jumping more often for op wars and such is the sizes of the clans. I think some people may worry that it may take a day or two to get reinstated back into their clan.
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Postby Zane » Sat Dec 20, 2003 4:48 am

Another issue we face are the newcomers to Tech Haven.

People need to realise that before they joined FA, we already had an established set of principles and we already worked exceptionally well. People are joining now and believe that they are the next big thing to happen to FA.

WRONG! FA is the next big thing because we work together. Until people can respect that we work as a faction and we respect a council body as such to help this run, we cannot advance further than a chaotic band of clans.

People always poke at me and say 'you don't own FA Zane'.. No.. you're right. and I never state that I do. I only ask that people respect the position I've been given and allow me to help. It's you voters who put me here. I can fight.. sure, I pretty much suck. But where I excel, and people have commended me on it, is my political ability. We need to once more regroup as a faction and start to work as we did. So new clans, drop the image. If there's an FA insignia over your head, that's what counts. Not the bit before your clan rank.
-Zane Shadowfall (Deceased) (68/69**)
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