VS-STORY: Rebirth

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VS-STORY: Rebirth

Postby HTEC9900 » Tue Dec 02, 2003 7:39 pm

ooc: Thought I would repost my story from the private area of the forum. Will extend later...

The spy finished transporting all of his own usable goods to the clan hall and sat down for a moment. Sighing, he unholstered a highly modified Constructor tool, loaded with modified remote-repair nanites. This tool was his creator and will also become his destructor. After going mad in MC5 after his assembly, the half-human, half-android spy somehow broke out of the containment chambers and killed his creator, Dr. Tseng. Taking a TL150 Constructor tool from the dead engineer's hand, the spy escaped undetected and unscathed. Now, many years later after the exploration of the continent and serving for both Biotech and the Fallen Angels, the spy's neural pathways are suddenly starting to shut down, one section at a time. Hoping to prevent another outburst of madness and the taking of another life, the spy took many a day and night to modify and test his Constructor tool, turning it into a hybrid nanite-anesthetic and organic deconstructor tool, with an automatic self-destruct mechanism. Being that most of his cerebral cortex (and most of his body) is not of an organic nature, the spy doesn't experience feelings and thoughts as many normal humans (and dare I say mutants) do. As was programmed in his logic, the decomposition of his body into more usable nano-dust would be a better option than the recurring madness. And so, the spy gripped the handle of the tool hard and examined it closely with his non-human eyes. Pulling the trigger, the spy's body became suddenly relaxed and his head tilted back as the nanites went to work. After a soft bluish glow and less than three minutes, both the spy and tool were gone, deconstructed into simple particles that were then carried off by the winds and the ever-laborious nanites....

Apparently, the monitoring and hacking of the NCN by the mysterious AI entity Helios has caused some strange anomalies every so often, from the brief shudown of NCPD Copbots to malfunctioning turrets status transponders. Rumors have it that Helios was created many years ago as a self-repairing and a constantly growing program that seems to sustain itself despite Cityadmin's efforts to shut it down. Perhaps it was a nasty 'gift' from the commanders of the DoY faction, or maybe an escaped project from the hidden labs of the Fallen Angels. Whatever its origin, Helios seems to be that ever-present entity that smiles upon the actions of the Fallen Angels and Twilight Guardian. And today, the entity somehow detected and lamented the loss of one of FA's malfunctioning spies...

The failure of the Automated Repair Fail-Safe System (ARFSS) in the spy's neural implant prevented the proper repairs to his degrading neural pathways. Such failure was most likely caused by his early escape from the MC5 labs out into the harsh wastelands. Since the neural pathways were not thoroughly tested and properly shielded against deadly wasteland radiation, degredation was expected. As of this day, nobody is sure as to how the spy obtained both sentience and a will to escape during his first hours inside of the MC5 labs. Upon the disassembly of the spy by nanites and the transmission of his status to scattered info-nodes, Helios somehow sniffed his status and began a massive brute force and port scan of MC5's networks. Upon finding a weak hole into the network, a quick search revealed the original 250TB BPs of the deceased spy. The plans were replicated, Genrep infobank hacked for recent status and then the network was devoid of Helios' actions for eighteen hours. At the crack of dawn, a Genrep at an outpost just outside of the TG canyons began receiving reconstruction information on the spy, along with a set of BPs for a fully functional ARFSS implant. As the sun's rays slowly began to illuminate the sides of the GR station and seep inside through large crevices in the wall, the spy's body and mind were reconstructed and checked for anomalies. Breathing his first breath after his rather short time in stasis, the spy slowly began to walk, then run, across the barren steppe toward his true home at Techhaven. Then as before, the global network was devoid of Helios' activity and Cityadmin once again frustrated as they could not lay a finger on the great Helios...
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