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BGS: Hello

Postby Allure » Mon Nov 17, 2003 12:22 pm

My name is Allure. I shall introduce myself.

I have come from far away, from across the Mid-world Ocean, from a place that no one is likely to know of. I come from a Tradeskillers family and you may think that being a monk that would be wrong. But i was adopted at an early age into this family after my parents were brutuly murdered.
I was raised as a trader but was never held back from learning about my origins and my skills were able to bloom.
The community i grew up in was all full of Tradeskillers and they often spoke of this blue heavenly place which some believe to be a Myth. There are legends of people trying to reach this place but all who have set sail are believed to have perished.
I decided to seek out this place and as i was trained in PSI skills i viewed myself as having the best chance of anyone who has ever ventured out to find this place.
I set out 6 months ago for this Blue Heaven. And at first had no problems. But after 2 months food began to get low and storms caused very hard conditions.I could see why many people before may have failed but with my knowledge in PSI skills i was able to make it through. The end of my journey came 5 days ago when i came ashore. I I did not know if i had found this Blue Heaven that i was searching for but was so happy to have found land as i was feeling weak and would not have been able to have lasted much longer.
I made my way through the wastelands to a tall city called Tech Haven. Little did i know that this was to be the Blue Heaven i had been searching for. I had done what no one to my knowledge had done before.
I have settled in now but still am extremly weak from my travels. It will take much time for me to regain my strength and skills to their once high levels.

But i am sure with the help from some new friends that i will once again be strong and maybe one day be able to go back home and share the truth that Blue Heaven does exist and is known as Tech Haven.
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