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S-Story: Hawkers Corner...

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S-Story: Hawkers Corner...

Postby Zane » Thu Oct 23, 2003 12:45 pm

The sound of his power armour hummed gently, harmonising with the atmospheric buzz in Tech Haven 2.

'Another quiet night..' he sighed as his RPOS signaled yet another door to slide open. 'May as well get back to the store with all this junk. See what's happening'. As usual, Tech Haven seemed deserted. The odd mouse scurried under the walkways, the obsolete security robots scuttled their way around the living areas, but other than that.. it was a ghost town.

Crouching for a split second to focus his mind, Zane Shadowfall ran up the corridor in Sector 1, his body now surging with Psi energy as he let loose on his Heal Module.

'Heh, runcast..' he pondered taking a sharp right down another warren-like passageway. The sound could be heard even before the lift room door had opened. Zane emerged in between two security bots, who were dancing some strange fandango which only seemed to tangle their legs more. The hustle and bustle could be heard from outside the lift. Nothing distinct, but certainly signs of activity. Running into the lift, Zane quickly entered 'PHOENIX' on the lift controls. The floor moved ever so slightly and the door opened onto the lobby of the Phoenix Ltd store.

Flicking a switch on his RPOS system, Zane's power armour went silent, then retracted itself into a single chest plate, which Zane then promptly removed and placed in his warp inventory. A clever device that works similar to a black hole. Although only the size of a small bag, it contains a minute anomaly that shrinks any item and stores it at a much reduced size using a method of spacial compression. The mass of it is reduced, but its wieght stays the same.

Placing his palm on the scanner, the doors slid open and the atmosphere hit Zane like a brick.

'Evening Zane', 'Hey Zane!', 'Mr Shadowfall, we have the report on the recent contract.' 'Mr Shadowfall, we've run out of grease'.

'Send an email to Mr Nightcaster' he called to Mr HTEC who was busily working away on some parts upstairs in the Development room.

'Repairing in the Phoenix Store' came a voice over the trade channels.

'Evening Mr Kir.' Zane nodded to a sharply dressed gentleman sat in the main area of the store.

'Good evening Zane', Kir beamed back. 'Hows business?' he smirked, knowing full well that things were getting hectic. It had been a day since any scientist had been to the store and the blueprint cabinet was starting to wear thin. This wouldn't be a problem, but Wraith Nightcaster, in his usual manner, had decided he was going out into the wastelands again to pet droms. Wraith was needed to purchase more chemicals, much needed chemicals. Another order of 40 turrets had come in on a contract, and Phoenix had already sold 20 turrets from a contract order still waiting to go out.

Sales were good, there's no arguing about that, but keeping up was a tiring job. His team worked exceptionally well. He was as proud of his staff as a small boy with a new hoverbike. Or even a father of his offsping.

Although he never really fit as a father figure, Phoenix were his only family. He worked with them, hunted with them, got a free ride to a genrep with them.

'Not bad Kir. You know me, always on the lookout for another client.'

Kir grinned, 'Tech Haven secure?'

'Yeah, another quiet night.' Zane nodded, 'Been to Sector 3 and back.'

'I'm waiting for some bitch Crackies to turn up' Thonkus cackled from behind a terminal. He could be seen sizing up a new rifle. The long barrel gleamed in the blue light.

'Well, exo might show up for their order, but just because they're red, don't blow their kneecaps off' Zane chuckled.

Zane turned to Brammers who was sat with Tricia McMillin to his right.

'Bram, how goes the engineering team?' he motioned to the dev room.

'Mr HTEC is working away, I think I'll give him a bonus' he whispered back to Zane.

'The sale to exo should rake in 2.7 mil, take a bonus for your team out of that.' Zane turned to Thonkus, 'You get that Thonk?'.

'What's that?, you want me to hump your missus?' Thonkus retorted. 'That's right mate.. that's what I said' grinned Zane.

It was at that point a sharp trill sound ripped through the air. The buzzer on the door was going balistic. Everyone paused and turned to Zane. Three seconds later, the buzzer was still ringing.. and ringing.. It stopped, momentarily... and a maniacal yelp could be heard from the lobby..


The buzzer burst into frenzy again.

'Crackies.. typical.. lock and load people' Zane shouted back.
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