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BGS: my boy known as Cred

Character background? Made up storys? Ingame storys changed around into real storys? Well anything you got for public amusement!

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BGS: my boy known as Cred

Postby Cred » Wed Oct 22, 2003 10:30 pm

cliff notes from my journal:

I don't remember much of what happened, i remember hissing steam lights, hydraulics, pins and needles through my entire body. then i was conscious in some strange facility. Scared i ran from there to a gen-rep. I got back to my apartment and figured it was all just a dream. Anyway I started work for the City Administration, feh if I new who they were then i would have surely blown the place up. any way i did small jobs, delivering packages, janitorial duty, small things. It wasn't till I saw an open conflict on the street as i was coming back from a stay with my regular prostitute did I think about joining one of the companies clans. There was a small war going on and for some reason i was being overlooked, i might of bean to scared to run ,or too fascinated maybe. The next day I contacted the leader of the clan and was transfered to Vnox working for Tangent. As time went by and I became a harder form of myself, I started to doubt the City's views of protection, it looked more like expansion to me. I noticed that other members of the clan had similar feelings. Soon a bunch of Vnox and I defected to Tech Haven. We were smart enough and managed to connect as a small militant clan named Mortis. I really felt i could stretch out in Tech Haven as I was always interested in computers and technology, soon I was able to hack with the best of them. My comrades in Mortis hadn't been able to quench there hatred for the City and Reeza's oppression, they soon left with friendship to join the Twilight Guardians. I was left alone to work on my own, I bought a car and started to make my way around the land, I became adept at finding and opening security belts, the black boxes of human corpses. I slowly made a small fortune and bought realastate. I then started to fill one of my apartments with the small useless items from the belts I found. Then Joined the Tech Haven Security Council, hoping I could do my part. The Crahn sect had started to aggressively attack Tech Haven and when the war had finally subsided THSC was a small shadow of itself and soon disbanded, though I hear its making a comeback. I started an open hands propaganda group call the Neocron Greenhouse. supplying new runners from all factions to trade in there old items for new and stronger ones. this is a small attempt to get new frustrated citizens to join the resistance. recently a high ranking official from an enamy faction has caught my eye. It is a risky courtship but we can only see what happens

(sorry if i didnt blaiz it up, or go into more detail , this is more like sorta quick synopsis of my charicters travels into one page, without spacifics)
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