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BGS: A brief history of Marcus Blade

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BGS: A brief history of Marcus Blade

Postby Marcus Blade » Wed Oct 15, 2003 9:12 am

Subject: Marcus Blade
Age: 29
Gender: Male
Occupation: Mercenary - Hunter
Current whereabouts: Pluto

Marcus Blade wasn't born on Pluto, orginally, he came from Saturn, where he his days as a City Mercenary. By birth a frail spy, Marcus was chosen for covert operations and infiltrations, sadly due to his own clumsiness he was caught and shot very often, usually ending in his own death.

After months of humilation, he had enough of being so frail, so he started powertraining and the like. Unfortunatly, this took long (too long for Marcus and his little patience) and he started taking experimental boosters, which worked BUT took a heavy toll such as loss of intelligence and psychic powers. Where he used to talk with the greatest minds of Neocron, he now only knows the basic "yes" or "no" and a few incomprehensible phrases. But at least he didn't get killed so much.

Alas his luck didn't last, for he slept with the wrong woman, namely the one of the City Mercenary Alliance's boss (which was also his direct superior). Realizing this could be his last day (which would have been if he weren't so fast) he ran to the nearest docking area and decloaked his Goliath ( a remnant from the Old Wars, a small interstellar vessel, which came into his possession after a succesful mission [YES ! There were a few succesful ones.]) He started up his Goliath and took off to space. But where to go ? He remembered a folder of Pluto, the evergrowing and active planet, full with new chances and opportunies. Entering Pluto's atmosphere, all ship functions failed, Marcus crashlanded in the woods someplace and lost consciounceness.

When he woke up, he was in a strange place, filled with City Administration spokesmen. They tried to convince him to join their forces, but Marcus refused and ran away from the place. Drifting around as a Biotech member (he forgot what faction he belonged to) Marcus lived a rather happy but lonely life. But there was light at the end of the tunnel, one day, passing the streets of plaza 1, he saw a dirty, discarded copy of the NEMA, he picked it up, flipped it through and the advertisement of Phoenix Ltd. caught his eye. He know of them abit because he traded with their associates once in a while. Not wasting any time, Marcus contacted the CEO of Phoenix Ltd. requesting a sollicitation. After a long and straining conversation Marcus was hired as a courier.

Thus, Marcus found his place on this new and interesting planet.

[More to come in the ongoing story of Marcus Blade, stay tuned]
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