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NEWS: Pluto's 'The Prophet' newspaper (3 editions merged)

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NEWS: Pluto's 'The Prophet' newspaper (3 editions merged)

Postby HusK » Wed Apr 13, 2005 8:32 pm

-The Prophet- Thievery in TH getting out of hand.

Tech Haven, 12 October 2781.

Many of you runners have heard this before, thievery inside Techhaven.
Not once, not twice, no three times in a row have there been thefts at Phoenix Ltd.
Everyone is stunned how this could happen, how these thieves managed to bypass all security systems placed to prevent thefts.
‘We are very concerned about this’ Mr. Brammers said, ‘This has been the third theft in two months time, we can only hope we can get ourselves together again and continue our business at the same quality we are known for.’
We can only concur with that, so far our enemy’s have only made raids to our home, the killing is something that can be dealt with, they are problems but at least it is clear who is doing them, these thefts mean that there are actually spy’s in our very own faction.

The Techhaven department of security has done extensive investigations on the matter and where only able to point out one suspect, they where not willing to make the name public yet as investigations are still being done but we all hope this is in fact the thief we have been looking for so that we can put this behind us. ‘We are getting closer and closer but this thief is good, this is not some crime, we are sure this is an organized group of people, most likely international’ So their spokesman said.
The security department has requested that any information that could lead to the capture and liquidation of the thief be send to one of the investigators, Sir [TgR]Killer, Mr. Zane Shadowfall, Mr.Garett or any of Phoenix staff in charge, Mr. Brammers and/or Mr. Thonkus.

Lets all give them our very best, maybe some runners can spare some parts and blueprints for vehicle or turret design to get phoenix back on the road while everyone keeps a close eye on who this thief is.

So far this has fortunatly been a contained incedent but other company's and even clans could be next.
We spoke with Sciencelab Omega about possible sollutions:

Harold: "Cant we create a system to prevent incidents like this in the future?"

Omega lab: "Yes we've been thinking about that for some time, the problem is the current operating system designed by Tangent, it limitates our options as we don't have full access to the source of the system."

Harold: "How come we still use the Tangent Operating System?"

Omega lab: "That has to do with compatibility, we offcourse need to be compatible with the system used around the world, otherwise we would loose many of our trade options."

Harold: "So its not possible to make it compatible?"

Omega lab: "Not atm no, we've been looking into it for a while now, they made some intresting moves on protecting there system from the decompilers we've tried so far, its far better than the protection they used to protect the system from hacks, we are unfortunatly not sure what it is like, which makes it even harder to break"

Harold: "Basicly that means we need tangent to help us, which is out of the question till some other faction needs it to...we'll see if this information reaches some people with influence at Tangent. Can you tell us something about the systems you had in mind to prevent theft?"

Omega lab: "We'll sure, its actualy realy simple, you know that every company and clan have certain levels which they can give to there employe's and members. These levels could be connected to the cabinets creating the option to give only certain runners access to the cabinets. We could extend this into creating an extra program to select special levels for certain cabinets and if realy needed adding options like giving certain selected runners access regardless of level"

Harold: "That sounds promising, I hope you breake that OS code of Tangent, or that they come around and design it for everyone to use. Thank you for the interview and good luck."

After this refreshing interview, maybe some people with the right connections will be willing to make some wheels turn.

Harold Marshall, The Prophet.
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Postby HusK » Wed Apr 13, 2005 8:33 pm

-The Prophet- Angels attack Angels, DoY involved.

Tech Haven, 27 October 2782.

It has only been a few hours and everyone is still a little shaky, only moments ago plasma waves, lightning and bullets where still flying all around the famous store of Phoenix Ltd.
Reinforcements where send to the store immediately to help get the upper hand over the yet unknown enemy, the smoke just started to clear up when the reinforcements arrived, only to find the most horrible truth. This had not been the doing of a member of the Crahn sect, this had nothing to do with competition from Tangent Technology’s, these where not bandits from the Black Dragon… no the enemy was in fact a small group of runners from our very own faction.

Members of Clan ‘Acolytes of Hell’ had slaughtered the Phoenix crew and its current visitors, almost everyone was laying dead in a pile of blood, shocked as they where the reinforcements where surprised by these fellow runners, which started resurrecting the dead body’s, only to kill them again. Blind of rage and sorrow the ‘Fallen Angels’ special elite forces immediately started removing the runners from the store after which they where able to resurrect all that had been killed.

Still shaken about fellow Angels attacking fellow angels, I started an investigation towards this shocking event, Right after the first of the killers had fallen I took my implantation device and opened up there skull, only to find out the most disturbing truth. They had all be using Kami chips, however these where not ordinary Kami chips, they had been altered, or rather upgraded.

Obviously the next goal was to question the Dome of York representatives about this, which at first did not want to react to my questions, until I showed them the implant I took from one of the body’s.
The representative I’ve spoken to wishes to remain unkown and therefore will be known as Mr. A the B.

Harold: Can you explain to me what these chips are and why they where used by a ‘Fallen Angel’ runner?

Mr. A the B: They are, or rather where to become the next generation Kami chips. You already know about the origional version which removed any resists the user had in exchange for far greater fire power, they had a few side effects, for example, the soldiers using them couldn’t tell friend from foo anymore, we determined that the Kami chip actually blurred the eyes of the user, which also explains why the Soldiers only reacted to threats close by.
Knowing what advantage we would have if we could make the Kami chip’s design work for ordinary soldiers we started developing a new version in secret.
With the help of some of your own technology’s we managed to remove most of the side effects that where responsible for the removal of all resists the user had, and after some design checks we even managed to remove the blur from the eyes of the wearer.
We asked a few fallen angels to find suitable test subjects for the new chips, unfortunately it looks like they choose themselves as these test subjects.

Harold: So your saying you fixed all the bugs in the Kami chip, and that it infact has nothing to do with the recent behaviour of these runners?

Mr. A the B: No no, far from it actually. We only very recently found out that there was something wrong with our design, although we did not yet determine what the side effects would be, it is now quite clear to us.

Harold: So, these chips where responsible for the behaviour of these angels? How exactly are these side effects caused?

Mr. A the B: Yes they where indeed responsible for the behaviour, you see the connection an implant makes to the brain is responsible for most of its effects, every connection sends pulses to certain brain parts, which in turn send pulses to certain body parts, which for example immediately start growing more muscles, stronger muscles, more bone tissue, and the list goes on.
With our existing kami chip we make a rather large connection to the brain part which is responsible for fighting and fighting capabilities, however this brain part is rather small and closely connected to a part of the brain that controls various skin settings, because the connection was so big we had to cut a little into that part of the brain which caused it to send pulses towards the body to stop reducing certain fluids which are in fact responsible for various types of skin resistance.
In the new kami design we had that connection turned 90° which according to our calculations was just big enough to not hit any other brainparts. Obviously our calculations where incorrect but we where and are yet not sure what the other brain part that its now connected to does, however we can clearly see it has something to do with control.

Harold: How do you mean, something to do with control? You mean they simply lost control over themselves? But that would suggest that inside they where always this violent.

Mr. A the B: Well yes and no, every person has violence in them, as every person can love they can also hate. What we’ve so far understand is that the wearer not only looses control, but he also gets what we call, bloodlust. Basically they are vampire like, they don’t kill other runners with bloodlust, but other than that they want to kill everything.

Harold: I see, Can you give us some information on how to end this bloodlust and get our people back to normal?

Mr. A the B: I’m sorry, even though you may have removed the chips the effects can be quite permanent, and could even result in Permadeath.

Harold: So basically there is nothing we can do? Some will go up in smoke and some will never really recover?

Mr. A the B: Well there is always a small chance one recovers completely, but the odds are certainly much against that, in fact I wouldn’t be surprised if none of them escapes Permadeath. I’m sorry for what happened, we all are, and if there is anything we can help you with we will. The dome never intended Runners of the Fallen Angels to use it, we actualy intended to test them on a special breed of mutants.

Harold: We’ll as much as I’d like to revenge this, I can only agree with you there, the dome cannot be hold responsible for the chips being misused by a runner. Thank you for your time Mr. A.

Mr. A the B: Any time, good sir.

So a well hidden secret from our allies the dome has made some of our people insane, let us hope this was the only attack and that it will never happen again, soon our old friends will most likely suffer from the permadeath. It will be for the best I’m sure. They would never want to live like this if they where still conscience.

For now my fellow angels, keep your eyes peeled on possible new attacks, and for your safety, you better shoot first when you see one, or you might not live to see the next day.

Harold Marshall, The Prophet.
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Postby HusK » Wed Apr 13, 2005 8:33 pm

-The Prophet- Tangent spy? Phoenix theft continued...

Tech Haven, 27 October 2782.

In light of events at phoenix dating a few months back we've had our own investigation towards the thievery at Phoenix Inc.
However legal prosecution kept us from posting this before as ongoing investigations where still taking place and the Fallen Angel high council didn't want to scare the thief off to quickly. Now however we've finaly been free'd from this prosecution in light of recent breaktroughs in the investigation.

Origionaly it was assumed that Tangent Technologys was involved in the thievery, because of this we've been looking for a FA favoring subject inside of Tangent. We where fortunate enought to find one at the time, you all *now* know her to be a real angel, I'm talking about no other than miss Lisa Merlins herself!

She took great risc to find evidence of all sorts on what Tangent was up to, altho she still feels she just happened to overheard things, we know her a little better offcourse... Unfortunatly, so did Tangent, and its chief Mr. Jordan, who found out about her risky deal and frequent visits to TechHaven. He decided to make it a personal objective to throw her out and created a plan to get her murdered by the very people she liked so much, or rather our defenses.
He unfortunatly also found out about the secret network we've been using for a while now and even managed to break into it.

We are revering to the following post:
Damion Jordan wrote:Attention Fallen Angels.

So you thought you could hide your TechHaven Network from Tangent? Think again you blue light loving technofreaks. And you think your new security system will keep us out of Techhaven?

For a while in Tangent we have been aware of tangent runners spying on Tangent for Fallen Angels. This will not be tolerated.

Starting today, we are sending by force any Tangent spy runners back to Techhaven, via the genreps. And I will point out, we send spies back to Techhaven alive. After all we can't be held responsible for murder, when our guns did even touch them...

Right now my guards are sending a certain red haired female monk back to Techhaven.

To which miss Lisa replied publicly:
Lisa Merlins wrote:Mr Jordan,

This "Red hair female monk" happens to be alive and well. Next time you send your muscle men around, send some real men, who have some brains on how to use guns.

You may have left some plasma marks on the the walls of my old Plaza 2 apartment, but your thick tanks obviously haven't a clue that the long range plasma wave cannons don't work very well in a small aparment.

Oh and Kang Young and Scant Usher - next time I see you, I would run, thats if you have the brains.


.......................................................(both quoted from a now deleted topic in rp forum)

Offcourse a whole story comes after this but I think its better to let miss Merlins herself explain that in the interview my college Android gave her, after she managed to recover from her wounds and take up shelter here.

Android: Hello there miss.
Lisa Merlins: Android, pleased to meet you.
Android: I hope you don't mind me joining you at this late hour
Lisa Merlins: Not at all taking a break from obtaining my master status of fallen angels... And to keep one ahead of Brammers who seems to the be only master in Phoenix...
Android: Ah, that’s great. We can always use new masters.
Lisa Merlins: I am considering offering my services in the line of setting up clans and companies in techhaven. Completing all the paper work for them.
Android: that’s an interesting new form of trade. So... maybe you can start by telling us how you got into the spying business and what you where spying on
Lisa Merlins: Spying...well not spying. You know phoenix was robbed, and they wondered if Tangent was behind it. As I was still living in the city I offered to have a poke around before joining the angels. after all they have looked after me so well and it was something I could do in return.
Android: did you manage to dig up anything?
Lisa Merlins: Well we found no evidence of Tangent behind the robberies...but there was all sorts going on in Tangent...some of it effecting the angels, Such as eXo defecting to FA
Android: sure. take your time, I'm most anxious to hear about what’s going on inside Tangent, what happened to eXo and how they found out your a spy.
Lisa Merlins: Actually I wasn't really spying, I just overheard them talking about it in a bar.
Android: Sure, sure.
Lisa Merlins: So I passed the information on, a few minutes after I did that the muscle of Tangent booted me. I was in my flat in Plaza 2 when two guards burst in. Told me I was being sent to Techhaven alive as punishment For spying on Tangent.
Android: they thought you would be tortured for invading Techhaven, am I right?
Lisa Merlins: Yes...with the new security system... but it was luck it hadn't been turned on yet.
Lisa Merlins: Well as I said these two tanks turned up with new weapons, Plasma waves I think they where, anyway the Stupid tanks don’t realise they are for long range use not close combat, in my flat. Though they did make a big mess.
Android: I'll bet, that green stuff is rather hard to remove
Lisa Merlins: Well they eventually managed to grab me and no way am I strong enough to resist there superior strength.
Android: Yes, yes. They are widely known for their muscles and lack of brain...with a few exceptions. So before you where thrown out, did you manage to get any interesting facts ?
Lisa Merlins: Well they where talking about SSi and their plans for more raids on Techhaven, it also seemed SSi are not well liked amongst Tangent, and I heard they Have their hands full in the North areas.
Android: I'll bet. so SS had plans on invading Techhaven, but they didn't execute them because of lacking manpower. Was there anything else worth mentioning that you found out about tangent?
Lisa Merlins: Tangent seemed very quiet about letting on what they was up to, I suspect they knew who I was... but I did find out they had lots of problems - I got a strong impression they was dying...but I fear with NDA moving back to Tangent they will become more active again.
Android: yes NDA has always been to Tangent minded, I'm sure Jordan did all he could to get them back.
Android: so, back to your capture. You where eaves dropping in a bar, and got caught. right?
Lisa Merlins: No... just overheard them.
Android: so then, how did they managed to point you out as a spy?
Lisa Merlins: Someone tipped off Tangent that I was spying on them.
Android: hmm...
Lisa Merlins: I think my visits to Techhaven was monitored. I suspect they have a tap into the city admin surveillance station outside techhaven
Android: most likely indeed, however they can't monitor everyone in tangent, so why you?
Lisa Merlins: Well normally most Fallen Angels kill tangent in techhaven... but when your passage is trouble free, one may have spotted something odd. And also me meeting Mr Shadowfall the FC is bound to raise eyebrows.
Android: well I can think of reasons why a tangent would have free passage legally, but yes that could make things worth looking into. how come Mr. Jordan got involved?
Lisa Merlins: Well he sent a message to the Tech haven network saying spies will be removed.
Android: yes but normally he leaves jobs like that to lower ranked personnel as he is busy enough, or that is what they tell me.
Lisa Merlins: He did get 2 of his tanks to throw me out.
Android: yes but again, why did he gave the order, why not someone in charge of security? There must have been something you've done to him, maybe something you don't know about?
Lisa Merlins: Quite possibly.
Android: Its all very vague to me, a mystery really.
Lisa Merlins: Hmm you have me thinking a little... my parents Sue and Paul Merlins was killed in Techhaven, but it's not known by whom. And there is this outrageous rumour that my father invented the Slot enhancer V2 which is now illegal
Android: Do you know who killed them? where your parents angels or tangents?
Lisa Merlins: That’s the mystery there... one story goes sue was kidnapped by the angels and Paul tried to rescue him. The other is they left the city for the angels and someone killed them, but there are no records to prove either story.
Android: what do you believe? if you don't mind me asking.
Lisa Merlins: The angels are my friends I do not believe they killed my parents
Android: we have some rather unknown entity's here that store more information than you could dream off...
Lisa Merlins: Morpheous had a look - he couldn't find anything.
Android: Well Morpheous isn't me now is he.
Lisa Merlins: He he no
Android: I have my sources... so to speak. got send here by the tangents after which you settled right in, I doubt you had any problems with other angels treating you badly because your tangent? Ignorance can be found all around the globe offcourse.
Lisa Merlins: I have problems with Tangent threatening me.
Android: obviously.
Lisa Merlins: As for the Angels - they are so friendly. Anyway, as I was saying.
Android: Yes, I'm sorry. Please continue.
Lisa Merlins: I was lucky to be thrown thru the genrep minutes before the new security system was put online. Sylvia Bennet saw me come flying thru and halted the switch-on. I told her what happened and she recommended me to join the angels.
Android: I good recommendation indeed.
Lisa Merlins: However, a new security bot got me by accident and thus I was in Medicare for the rest of they day. which caused panic in Phoenix as they couldn't find me, except my overturned flat.
Android: they thought you'd be kidnapped?
Lisa Merlins: Worse than that - they though I was killed as I was cut quite badly.

**lightens a cigarette**

Android: Want one?
Lisa Merlins: Sorry I don’t smoke.
Android: just and old habit, I hope you don't mind.
Lisa Merlins: Well, mind if I try one?
Android: not at all, but you should know they can be bad for your health although everything in this world is bad for your health nowadays...
Lisa Merlins: Yes even my fingernail polish is bad for me.

**hands over a cigarette and lightens it**

Android: so, what happened then? did they finally found you in Medicare?
Lisa Merlins: No...I just rested for the day
Android: doctors orders, I'm sure.
Lisa Merlins: Then when I was well enough I signed the paper work to change to the angels. And dropped into the phoenix store.
Android: I most wise choice I must say and phoenix is as well, one of the better choices one can make in our community
Lisa Merlins: Well I hope so - I decided to work as a logistics officer for them...hard work mind.
Android: I can understand that, it requires allot of brainstorming from time to time. So did you find anything else out? Maybe something about the theft at phoenix?
Lisa Merlins: I'm sorry to say I didn't.
Android: Well then I have no more questions for you left. Anything you want to add to the interview?
Lisa Merlins: Hmm... Not that I can think off no. Thank you for interviewing me.
Android: than I can only wish you a very good afternoon, I hope your fitting in well, and have fun besides all the work.
Lisa Merlins: Thank you, take it easy Android.
Android: its getting late already, so I'll be writing my story later.
Lisa Merlins: I look forward to reading it.
Android: good night miss.
Lisa Merlins: Good night *smiles*

After this interview was presented towards the council, it deceide that Tangent wasn't likely to be realy involved and assumptions where made that it was probably a rivaling company who somehow managed to infiltrate the Fallen Angels *AND* managed to get trough the severe and difficult recruitement tests presented to possible new Phoenix Inc. employes.

However, a few weeks after the events the investigations slowly died off because of a lack of course and because new events presented itselve.
Still 'The Prophet' was told to keep silent as the council was planning on continueing the investigation at a later point, for when the thief would have gotten at ease and stopped hiding it actively.

A wise choice because not long ago new evidence came up, a few words from 'what apeared to be' a drunk drifter in an old bar outside of neocron revealed he was behind the thievery. Unfortunatly the man was in disguise so it is yet uncertain who was behind it for real, but we do know now that it was the Black Dragon clan who was responsible for the thievery, we've also managed to find out that the thief goes by several names, one being Mr. 'Lenard' or so has been rumored.

With these events the council has re-opened the investigation and is looking for any possible leads to capture this infiltraitor and present him the punishment for such traitory.
As soon as more information becomes availeble we'll be the first to present them towards all FA.

Tias €llend00r, The Prophet.
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