S-STORY: Endgame

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S-STORY: Endgame

Postby Morpheous » Thu Oct 21, 2004 1:43 am

ooc: This is my last piece of Neocron RP i'll be doing, and goes from where I left off with Begin the Begin. Enjoy- but it's your last one from me :( Oh, and it's 2:41 AM here, mkay? So yeah, plenty of spelling mistakes. ;)

Morpheous gasped and slapped at his helmet release clamps, felt a roar of air and passed out.


"Morph.. Morph, can you hear me?"
He opened his eyes, and they adjusted to the dark surroundings quickly. Continuity sat next to him, and machines ticked away in the corners of the room.
"'s okay Morph. You got hit by a bunch of STORMs before we could close the doors. messy. You should be fine- Wraith healed your major wounds on the scene."

Morph groaned and tried to move his limbs. They were sluggish. He felt as if a part of him was gone.... he tried to think, feel his muscles.
His powerarmour laid burned out in the corner.
"Cont, me my helmet..."
She gave him a Milky Ren and walked to pick it up, and placed it in his hands. He sat up and propped himself up against the wall of his appartment.

There was a missing panel in the helmet. He reached into his pocket and took out a set of microtools, flipping open a small cover behind the space were the panel should have been.
"Oh, shit.."
The entire section was missing. Anyone who had the components held the key to the digital war- Helios.

Continuity looked over his shoulder.
"Whats happened?"
"The Admin have Helios."

[City Administration Command- 20:53 NST- 20/05/2987]
"Sir. The stolen hardware is online" growled the commander of 44th
"Excellent. Patch it in here." said Art Jepherson with an air of happiness.

A plasma screen whirred into life, and shifting geometric patterns slowly dissolved away to reveal words...
"Incorrect Connection. Please close jumper AF-325 and install NFS3342 drivers and retry."

Art kicked the screen, cursed and shouted at the techs. Minutes later, the screen purred back on.

The patterns gave way to a world, infinitely long lines of filesystem with commands and programs hanging off them like jewllery. Files flew over the screen, and then a single, unique entitity approached the entry point. Lines of digital age hung from the virtual face of Helios.

"What is it to love?" it spoke

"Shit! It needs authorisation!" roared Jepherson
"Get me that runner!"

[F08 Hut- 21:34 NST- 21/05/2987]
Morph hammered at his keyboard. The f08 hut was his favourite hideaway, and nobody knew he was there. He thought.

He jacked in another piece of kit and slammed the hard drive home. Just before the STORM slammed him.

[CA Tech Ops- 21:35 NST- 21/05/2987]
"What is it to love?"

Morpheous calmly responded,
"To love is nothing."

"Authorisation level one accepted."
"What is it to be loved?"

"To be loved is something."

"Authorisation level two accepted."
"What is it to love and be loved?"

"To love and be loved is everything."

"Authorisation level three accepted. Final Authentication required."

Morpheous cleared his throat.

"Helios, initate sequence 405. Authorisation Romeo Delta triple-niner zero Persevere Freedom"


At this point Art Jepherson, who had been silent till this point, queried Morph.
"What are you telling it to do?"

Morpheous grinned.
"Just logging in. Seqence 405 is my..ah... remote login program."

"Oh. I see- carry on." said Jepherson quickly

"Right." Morph pulled over a keyboard and plugged it in. He typed efficiently and making no errors- for a mistake in the codes he was entering would be disastrous. Helios would broadcast an error message audibly- and for what he was doing, that was not a good thing with CA guards next to him.

"Codes accepted. Launch sequence initiated. Time to impact- one-hundred twenty minutes. Active missles- thirty-eight. Mark."

Jepherson spluttered. "What! What did you do!" He grabbed Morph roughly by the collar and lifted him up.
"Tell me what you've done!"

Morpheous grasped for air, and laughed manically. "I've just started an irreversable launch sequence on over thirty missles left from WW3- Cold fusion Kaolin stealth missles. Enjoy them, they're worth what you earn in a year- each. Helios will disconnect in a moment- he'll shut down and turn manual power control over to the Fallen Angels council Chairman. You can do nothing except burn, bitch"

Jepherson dropped Morpheous on the floor and screamed. Techs and guards around him looked worried and edged to the Genreplicator.
"Don't try the GR. It's already offline- another part of 405" laughed Morpheous. Even if he was going to die, he would enjoy it and take these fuckers down with him.

Jepherson reached for his weapon- a silver pistol with a swirling energy field around the muzzle. He pointed it at Morph, flipped the saftey catch off and squeezed the trigger...
Morph's jacked up reaction times saw the tense finger and he ducked out the way, leaving the bullet for a nearby laptop. He flung himself at the door, and twisted the rifle out of a guard's arm. He thrust himself upwards and away from the control room, firing shots at Jepherson. He saw five make their mark in his head before he hit the floor and ran for the service passages. The base was at red alert, and lifts were out. Having had access to CA files he knew the base well, and kicked a section of wall aside to reveal a ladder heading upwards. He began to climb.

[Fallen Angels Faction Office-22:45 NST- 21/05/2987]
Brammers spoke to the assembled runners.
"Ok, lets get this meeting going- anyone seen Morph incidently?"
Suddenly the lights dimmed, as if a heavy load had been put on the circuit. Screens around the office flickered and showed perfect blackness, and then geometric planes of light descended from the blackness.
"Gentlemen, this is Helios. At 21:37 NST today protocol 405 was initiated by Morpheous. His neural lace shows his current position as in a service tunnel running from a City Administration top-security facility to the surface near A10. 38 missles are airborne- time of impact is within ten minutes. You have that long to save Morpheous, gentlemen. After this broadcast I will shut down and transfer reinitialization protocol controls to your system, Mr. Brammers. Good luck."

[Service Passage A34D, CA Theta Complex- 22:47 NST- 21/05/2987]
Morph mused to himself as to where he would go from topside. The A10 exit would place him near a vehicle depot- he would head to it and grab his Combat Hovertec, then head to the Canyons. It was safe there- for now. He'd make his way to the dome in a few days after recuperating in the canyons. He bumped into the surface hatch, and quickly affixed his icebreaker package to the controller. Ten seconds and he was through, diving past plasma fire as STORM bots aimed for him. He caught a blast to the arm but he wrapped his shirt around it and used a medkit later. Within a minute he was revving up and loading fresh fuel cells.

[B10- 22:50 NST- 21/05/2987]
Morph saw them first, as he flew towards them at insane speeds. He fired a clip and then his RPOS registered their names and faction, and apologising profusely he dismounted.
"Morph, what the hell happened?" asked Brammers.
"CA knocked me out in F08 I think- had to run 405 to get out. Was getting bored with that place anyhow- if you renember 405 gives a warning over the city speakers for anyone who wants to leave to do so."
"When will they hit?" said Garyu69
"Abooouohshit! Cover! We need cover!" Morph looked at his neural lace's timer, with thirty seconds remaining. At this range the nukes would kill them too, unless they found some good cover.
They jumped onto the Hovertec and an APC and floored the accelorators.
Gary saw them, a faint shimmer of heat and flame, and when they hit the city they could feel it even through the meter-thick depression they found.

Morph stood up, and then felt an odd sensation. Parts of his brain kept cutting out. Nothing could do that, not even radiation, except...

Screaming, he tore at his hair, trying to disconnect the remote link of the neural lace, but it was too late. Helios slumbered and took Morph's brain in his sleep with him, perhaps to reawaken one day. And when that one day came, Morph would be ready for it...

ooc: And that's it! Like I said, I might come back. Might. KK would have to do some big changes though :evil:
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Postby garyu69 » Thu Oct 21, 2004 3:52 pm

ooc: good story morph.
Shame to see you go, but like you said, you will be back ;)
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Postby Tratos » Mon Oct 25, 2004 12:58 pm


[OOC]...That was mint, really cool way for you to possibly return aswell :) muchos mintos[/OOC]
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Postby HusK » Mon Oct 25, 2004 10:12 pm

thumbs up mate :happy:
Didn't have time before to read it in full, sorry. We've already said our goodbyes, so I'll leave them from here.
See ya around.
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