BGS: Harold 'HusK' Marshall

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BGS: Harold 'HusK' Marshall

Postby HusK » Thu Oct 02, 2003 7:36 pm

Name: Marshall
First name(s): Harold, Theodoor
Nickname: Husk
Sex: Male
Primary Address: Apartment 1A, Sector 1
Town/City: Techhaven
Country: Pluto
Date of birth: 10 December 2752
Social state: not married

Life story:

I was born in the winter of the year 2752, my nickname was a gift from my father, who was a gentank general in the City Mercs, it means ‘Strong as a Timberwolf’, and is also known as Husky.
As I said, my father was a gentank, a general in of the City Mercs, my mother was a hooker in the Pepper Park Pussy club. I was their second child, they came together when my mother was rented out as a reward from the Tsunami Syndicate for my fathers efforts against the Black Dragon, from the moment they met they where utterly in love with each other.
After my birth my father had to leave the City Mercs cause generals and soldiers there where not allowed to have more than one child, he decided to join Tangent Technologies and thus I automatically followed.
When I was 6 years old my mother died of a mutation decease, I don’t remember to much of her except that she was always fighting with my dad about her line of work.

My father did most of the raising, he made sure I would become a worthy successor to him.
A fine man he was, he ruled with a strong fist and a good gun, he always said to me ‘Don’t think my son, thinking is the source of all evil, when people start to think, they start to divide, they start putting others around them in little boxes in their head, no my son, never start thinking, it's better to just start shooting’. And so I was thought the basics of being a gentank, which I’m very grateful for. My father was a wise man, I tell you that!
At the very day I turned 13 my sister died, she was six years older than me and got killed by a black dragon who she denied service to.
It didn’t take long for my father and me to track him down and rip him to gibs, I remember how satisfied I felt when I saw the man screaming of pain and begging for mercy just before I made the final blow.
I mourned for days after that, my sister, she had replaced my mother since her death and we had become so close that we could hardly be separated.

In the following years I made an exceptional friend above all others, Killer, we pretty much grew up together in the same sewers, always hunting together, helping each other out and eventually got word from Tangent Technologies that they wanted us to form a self sustaining group of soldiers and traders.
Just a few weeks after we started our so called ‘clan’ my father died, I did not mourn as I knew he would not like it, instead I made an ought to him, that I would always do the most honourable thing to do.

That was about the time that it all went wrong with Tangent Technologies, various clans where attacking each other, no communication was done between each different clan any longer, outposts of the same faction no longer meant anything, the only thing that mattered where the Big ones for themselves.
Now we really hated that attitude and decided to join a different faction, we choose Tsunami for its potential in creating entertainment, we had ideas like the now well known fight-night well before it even existed. However Tsunami was against us, almost no members of the faction where clanless so to speak, and there was no good communication to get in touch with those who where.
Eventualy our clan fell apart, I was shocked and devastated, and I remembered my father’s words again, ‘never use your brains my son, never!’. Now I had been contaminated already by the brainy spy’s and monk’s, especially one, my half brother, A clone of me who somehow turned out to have become a spy, offcourse I had to kill him for that, what a shame it would be to be called the spytank. However back on the subject, I knew the solution to my problems, A holiday, that’s what I needed!

I went to el’Farid oasis, camped in the desert and enjoyed every day as if it was my last, And a few months later I was in complete harmony with myself once more, I pushed those pesky thoughts away and returned to the scene.

When I returned I found out that my buddy killer hadn’t been sitting on his butt but instead had become one of the more famous runners of neocron city, and what was more intresting, he switched factions towards the fallen angels. Now in the city I didn’t have anything or anyone to live for anymore, so it didn’t really matter for me what faction was next.
I followed him towards the fallen angels and joined a company called Phoenix Ltd. I became one of their bodyguards, MAN! Am I glad my father didn’t see that company, way to much people using their brain….although it seemed that these people where capable of handling the consequences, intrigued with them I stayed in the clan even as my buddy Killer went on back towards Tsunami and I found out that the fallen angels where in fact the first faction I felt completely at home with.

Not long after that, Killer moved back to the fallen angels and he started a new clan, to revive the fallen angels from certain extinction. Knowing I was more at my place there I off course joined up, and helped forming it.

The rest is known to all, as it’s the current present.
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