BGS: Shadowfall, Zanderhaut

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BGS: Shadowfall, Zanderhaut

Postby Zane » Thu Oct 02, 2003 2:25 pm

With no recolection of his parents or even his origins, Zane started life in Neocron city on Pluto. Feeding himself on rats and roaches and whatever else he could kill with his crudely fashioned knife.

Life was hard, very hard. He managed to survive long enough to meet a mysterious stranger in the sewers in Plaza 2. He never gave a name, or a reason for his actions. But Zane was greatful for the gift.

From the moment Zane first held that pinfire nailgun, he was smitten. After years of practice, he soon found he could sell what he could loot and scavenge from the corpses of various creatures. In fact, aside from a little cash in his pocket, nothing pleased him more than to send shards of phosphor-coated metal spiralling towards his prey. It wasn't long before he had enough NeoCreds to take up a more profitable line of work, and before long he was offering his limited services in the side streets, offering to make detailed schematics of items that punters would bring to him. His shoddy low level research tool in hand, he made just enough money to support himself and upgrade what little equipment he carried with him.

After scrimping and saving for several months, he managed to get some attire that didn't scream 'street urchin' and walked brazenly into the Headquarters of Tangent Technologies. It was a unique talent of his for spotting a good deal, and Tangent was the richest company this side of Yutano. He spent the next few years running errands for Tangent and honing his research skills and of course his ability with a small firearm before being recruited into a small clan of 'protectors' call Project Guardian. A modest group who's aim was to protect the new members of society from the rougher elements. While working here he met with Shadow Snake who soon become his closest companion and with their shared skills in research and construction formed a modest research and development department.

As he grew older he honed his ability at conducting shrewd deals and transactions and soon branched off with Shadow Snake and several others to form Guardian Technical Laboratories, or GTL inc as the business was known. Specialising in the sale of vehicles it soon grew to an immensly popular organisation and even attracted the attention of Mr Jordan, Tangent's Director. With the new input from Tangent the business grew and so did Zane's style. He become accustom to flash cars and expensive gadgets, not to mention his lust for low tech classic pistols; of which he become somewhat of a collector. Over the years he had become very proud, and rightly so. He'd worked hard to move from a street rat to a well respected businessman. It wasn't long before Daimon asked him to work as his right hand man and Zane became the faction chairman running the official business face of Tangent from the Tangent Directorate.

But all wasn't fun and games, he had woman trouble also. The object of his desires was a blonde from out in the wastes. Tech Haven. A beautiful subterranian city which always captured his heart. Unfortunately, working for Tangent she'd rather shoot him than kiss him. However his luck turned, a mixed blessing really. Tangent had become a war-machine. Consuming anything and everything in it's path, not the business Zane had started work with. The result was that there was no longer any requirement for an intermediary organisation such as the Directorate and Mr Jordan, in one fell swoop, nullified the whole thing.

Feeling vengeful and very frustrated with his new situation, Zane vowed to bring the demise of Tangent and start his business afresh. Gathering his most trusted employees Zane fled to the wastelands to find shelter with the Fallen Angels who, of course, took the refugees under their wing and allowed him to re-establish the business.

Phoenix Ltd was born, a fitting name for a company which would rise from the ashes and once more dominate the industry scene, and very welcome, economically, by the Angels. Zane set up store in Sector 1 and soon the clients were flooding in to buy vehicles, turrets and sidearms that his team of developers produced with such skill. Dispite his wealth and infamy he soon became the leader, the forefigure of the people of Tech Haven. He never forgot his roots and treated his staff as he would treat his family, after all, they were the closest to family he had. While in Tech Haven, he met with Trillian, again, only this time under the same flag. And before long they became an item.

The rest, as they say, is history.
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