BGS: Thonkus - a brief history ....

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BGS: Thonkus - a brief history ....

Postby Thonkus » Thu Oct 02, 2003 12:34 pm

Dr Thonkus Maximus
Chief Scientist and Draftsman of Phoenix Limited

The early years:

Growing up off the western shore of Heirija, a small country situated in the northern hemisphere of the planet Solaris, I was always inclined to tinkering. My father scolded me more times than I care to remember for dismantling his gadgets and keeping a drawn 'history' of how these objects were crafted. At this early stage of my development I couldn't be bothered to putting them back together again, and to this day, I still just draw up the plans and leave the mechanisms for someone else to put together.

I attended Solaris' most prestigious academy of sciences, the Hawthorn Institute. With no real life to speak of, I excelled in the art of draftsmanship having little else to do in my free time. Upon graduation I was allowed to choose my destination for future work. My chosen destination was Neocron city, here on Pluto.

Pre Fallen Angels:

Having been lured to Neocron by a rather sizable grant from Tangent Technologies, I took the 2 year hyper shuttle to Pluto to continue my work and drawings. I took up residence in the Via Rosso sectors for many years, learning all there was to learn about all the new objects this city had to offer for disection. A very presitgeous firm called Guardian Tech Laboratories, Inc. took me under thier wing. Swiftly moving through the ranks, I learned all I could about the business of vehicle production, the exact science of weapon making and the ever amazing art of magic.

GTL Inc revolts / Present day:

Power struggles and lies tear at the fabric of a once solid corporation, forcing GTL to flee the city for the stronghold of Tech Haven. After months of struggling, GTL Inc was reborn as Phoenix Limited, my present employer, under the new faction the Fallen Angels. Since our restructuring, we as a company have grown and I myself have grown along with it. Honing my skills as a scientist/draftsman and picking up a new skill as a soldier to protect my new home from any incursion. I'm forever learning, as science is an ever changing arena, and I shall continue to strive to assist my company, my faction and my home to prosperity.
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