S-STORY: Begin the Begin

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S-STORY: Begin the Begin

Postby Morpheous » Wed Sep 29, 2004 3:18 pm

Begin the Begin: Part 1
*Morph opened his eyes to the warning glow of red from his monitor, and a persistant alarm*

"What the..."

"ALERT: Hostile CityAdministration forces opening fire in Tech Haven Sectors 1, 2, 3. Internal Countermeasures active." came the chip voice of Helios, the supercomputer located deep in the wastelands.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck" Morph shouted, grabbing his powerarmour.

Red alarm lights flashed and a deep, rythimic alarm signal sounded.

Morph threw his powerarmour-enhanced body to his terminal, shouting login codes at it. Right before he reached it, an explosion shook the air around him. He twisted in midair to see a full platoon of STORM bots inside the lift, blasting the door. Emergency blast doors slammed shut.

Morph landed and rolled to a halt, kicking a section of wall. It opened to his kick and the sound of the alarm, and behind it was a service corridor that lead to the Helios compound and a Genreplicator.

He descended a full mile down before he reached the small tram that lead to Helios. The computer was deep underground, where only three humans had ever been. One of them was himself, the other two Brammers and Lupus Wonderboy. The tram shuddered to a halt at the end of the ten-zone journey.

A meter-think blast door slammed down behind him, and the explosives lining the tunnel blew, destroying anything to link TH to Helios except a high-capacity sattelite link. A monitor flashed next to Morph.

"Morpheous, I have lost the main pipeline connections. I am reverting to sattelite link."
"Good Helios. I just triggered the explosives."

"Tech Haven is Lost."

Helios relayed the message to all commanders, and the runners holding up around Genreps and their ClanAppts turned abruptly round and activated their Genreplicators.

With the chipped voice, with a background of a million whispering voices, Helios spoke over the Faction link.

"The Dome is calling."


Begin the Begin: Part 2

The small lift descended into the compound. Morph hit the release button and stepped in.

"Lift ascending to DoY entrance 1, K_15. Have a nice journey." said the lift.
Morph stood and waited. Over the last hour or so, things had changed a lot. He hoped that the other Angels had got out, and that the Admin kept up their end of the deal in insuring the trader's saftey. The lift shuddered to a halt, and screaming winds tore at the door outside.

Morph took his helmet from under his arm, put it on his head and smoothly ringed the seals down. He slid back a seal on his arm to reveal a control panel.
Morph hit the button marked "INT_AIR" and a new element appeared on his RPOS. His air capacity. He had five minutes to get past the Admin and into DoY.
The desert sandstorms were well known for their deadly power and even STORM bots were rumored to have been killed in them, albeit mainly by tripping over objects and smashing their casing- their range was limited through sand. So was Morpheous's.

His air canister was full, and his reserve pack was charged. The lift surfaced in a blockhouse about 3 minutes from the main DoY entrance, camoflaged in sand and the occasional dead sandcrawler. He flipped the casing on the door control and hit the open button.

He threw himself into the wind and sand with every step, his Powerarmour grinding and working hard with sand in various nooks and crannies. Plasma flew through sand nearby, and he noticed at least twenty STORM bots taking shelter in a merchant camp. He eyed his air monitor.

Thirty seconds before he hit his reserve tank.

Fatigued and battered, he surged forward. His suit sounded alarm bells as plasma hit his leg, and a STORM ran behind him.

"Fuck. Suit, engage Helios uplink"
"Uplink online"
Morph shouted his instructions to the computer quickly. His visor glowed red, alerting him of his dire air supply failure and STORMbot friend.

"Target identified" The STORM's voice was amplified through the sand by the Suit.
"Opening FIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIasssasdmmmnnnxzsd....." the STORM stopped suddenly.
Morpheous smiled. "Excellent work Helios."
"Closing subroutines. You need to be fast Morph, you have only a 5 in 100 chance of survival."

Morph's reserve was giving in, but the entrance was in visual range. He clambered up onto the structure, broadcasting messages of peace and his name. Access codes. Login details. He collapsed just inside the DoY airlock system, and a torrent of air hit him as he released his helmet with his last strength....

OOC: Kinda a cross-post from official forums- enjoy :) see for the full thread. That's just the bits I wrote :) also there's nice stuff by SiL/Gary and others, but i'm posting this seperately because i'm hoping to develop this into a bigger story.
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