VS-STORY: Bram, SiL and Herb in the wastes

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VS-STORY: Bram, SiL and Herb in the wastes

Postby sanityislost » Sat Sep 25, 2004 9:07 am

Brammers was sitting infront of his com-station searching through the
member database "Damn....there has to be one left" he thought to
himself. "Ok will try this" he mumbled as he typed Priest into the search
bar, as soon as he hit enter a big zero appeared on the screen taunting
him "Ballox!!!".

After spending 20 min trying to find what he was looking for he was still
sitting there glaring at the 0...."oook i gotta be missing something, there
just has to be someone". another 15 min passed when his brain clicked
and he typed in priestess.


"Oh fuck not her" brammers started to bang his head against the back of
his chair...."maybe i can rent a boat and get married at sea by the
captain......naaa tricia would hate that"

Slowly he made his way to the one place in TH he avoided like the plague,
after standing outside her for another 15 trying to think of other options he
gave up and keyed in the address.


"Get your lazy ass out of bed!!!" brammers called from behind the steel door


"I can do this all day u know SiL" he shouted as he hit the keypad again


Brammers heard something crash in the background, "Are you ok??" he
asked as his fist started banging on the door. Before he could doing
anything next the doors clicked open and a small pink blur rushed past
him. The smell of stale cigs and booze filled his head as he made his way
inside the wastelands few people knew about.

"Fuck wake me up and you let it out"
He raised his eyebrow and gave her a look that said "im just gona ignore that"
"How the hell can u live here?"
"Easy i sleep here, i smoke and drink the booze from your office there and that's where i feed herb" SiL said in a groggy voice.
"my pet."
"will u stop asking questions and just pretend you didn't hear any of why you here again?"
"My booze?? it was you? fuck that was for trica's and my honeymoon!"
"Bram...don't swear it doesn't suit you...and besides you would of been to busy shagging to i ask again why are you here?"
brammers scratched the back of his head....
"You need something dead don't you?" SiL asked
"ummm no..."
"well i cant build shit can only break it so what the hell do u need done"
Brammers lowered his head and sighed..."I need you to be the Priest at my wedding"
she giggled madly...."oh my god....your joking aint you"
he sighed again " not...seems your the only priest left who hasn't sold FA out to CA"
"heh ok i will do it, but i want 5 bottles of that stuff you where gona take to your honeymoon or the deal is off...ok?
Brammers glared at her "ok...its a deal"

"oh and bram i quit working at phoenix" she said with an evil grin.....

SiL ..:..
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