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BGS: Morpheous: Life Story (merged)

Character background? Made up storys? Ingame storys changed around into real storys? Well anything you got for public amusement!

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BGS: Morpheous: Life Story (merged)

Postby Morpheous » Wed Jul 07, 2004 8:32 pm

[ooc: Posted this on the official forums, but it's good here too :p [/ooc]

Name: Morpheous
First name(s): None
Nickname: Morphy
Sex: Male
Primary Address: Apartment 1B [fcaoffice], Sector 1
Town/City: Techhaven
Country: Pluto
Date of birth: 28th April 2768
Social state: Unmarried
Parents: None, Genetically Engineered
Clan: Phoenix Limited
Position: Faction Counsellor Assistant, Section 2 Director of Phoenix Ltd, Director of Research and Development at the Tech Haven Advanced Computing Laboratories

Life story:

In 2768, a group of rebel technicians living near Tech Haven created a set. There were nine of us, and we were raised by machines, deep in a bunker outside Tech Haven Sector 3, untill finally I and one other, known only to the rest of us as "Seven", broke through the basic programming of the machines and opened the door to the world.

At first I was confused, Seven was killed by a Hoverbot. I escaped with my life and ran straight into the custody of City Administration forces.

I awoke the next day in the CA's detention center. I escaped within a few hours and made my way to Tech Haven, which has ever since been my home.

I was taken in by Phoenix Ltd, as a Scientist. I was eager to find out about the world and develop my skills. Later on, I decided to begin training in the ability of hacking. For it was this skill which had released me from the prison the Nine of us were imprisoned in.

Two days after my first hack I was concentrating on developing my skill, and was one of the highest level hackers in Tech Haven, maybe even the world. Weeks later I broke into the City Administration central server and discovered the truth about MC5, publishing it in the Voice of the Resistance. Later I hacked the Tangent mainframe and held their development files to ransom, collecting a 2 million credit payoff. Soon I was the most feared hacker on the net, known only as "Case", after a character in a 21st century book.

Now, after countless different Alibis, I roam the streets of the unreal, seeking the net's deepest secrets, creating lives that are not lives, seeking Rapture.

My search has not ended.

It has only begun.
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Postby Dr J Zoidberg » Thu Jul 08, 2004 8:17 am

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Postby Morpheous » Thu Jul 08, 2004 1:45 pm

zoid b wrote:Booooring

If you have only non-constructive negative comments like that, i'd ask you to keep them to yourself

Anyone else got comments?
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Postby HusK » Thu Jul 08, 2004 9:05 pm

I'm glad to see atleast some roleplay work being done, though I am not certain this is the best way for your character, trying to be constructive here I will say the following:
The reference to seven of nine is okayish, but the exaggeration of your hack skills and stuff sound a bit to superiour compared to others, which doesn't get on to well most people around here, I think.

It would have been better to add a bit of real touching missery here and there to make up for the exaggeration, try to grab us more with your story.

But basicly it needs more detail if you want to bring it like this.

The group of rebels, living near tech haven... why? raised by machines, why? how hard was that on you? what did they do you all? How exactly did you brake their programming and why did that enable you to get out to the world... why would you want to get out to the world? where the machines evil? Did you get kidnapped by them? Where did you come from before that? What where you doing while you where with those machines?
What exactly happend between the time of your escape and the death of seven, how in details did she die, what did you do to prevent it?
What was city admin doing there, and why did they take you away to prison / MC5?
How did you escape from it? Why did you make your way to techhaven and not the canyon or doy for example? You was taken in by Phoenix Ltd. Who exactly took you in and why? How come you was so eager to find out about the world, and why would you want to develop certain skills?

I can go on more, what you wrote down is the basic draw for what can be a very very intresting story, but the very intresting story is not there yet.

which is probably why zoid said boooring... but then Zoid, go fuck yourselve, add something constructive or add nothing, go make your own story zoid, if your so booored with someone else's. :evil:
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Postby Morpheous » Thu Jul 08, 2004 10:03 pm

Thanks Husk :p

*Goes off to rewrite story and dies from comment overdose*

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Postby FlashFF » Fri Jul 09, 2004 7:59 am

Admittedly it needs more detail, but from what I hear Morph really is a damn good hacker. I don't know about all of the breaking into tangent stuff. Needs to be a bit more in depth. Maybe that could break off into a long story about how you did it, why you did it and the series of events leading to you getting away (you know some evil tangent chasing you down :p, a TH raid maybe)

Well done anyway though mate.
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Postby booglebox » Sun Jul 11, 2004 8:23 pm

Born a hacker, die a useless piece of s*** in some bar somewhere. :x
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Postby Morpheous » Sun Jul 11, 2004 8:24 pm

booglebox wrote:Born a hacker, die a useless piece of s*** in some bar somewhere. :x

That's the one!
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Postby THN CPU » Fri Sep 10, 2004 9:37 pm

Morpheus wrote:One day, on another planet, I found Zone 38- the gateway of the worlds.

I was a wealthy citizen, proud to work for the huge corporation called Tangent Technologies-I helped them in all the ways I could-usually, it was killing the opposition or helping new players. Until, one day I was brutally cast aside, as the gears of 'TT' as we called it threw us away-rumors had been started by the owner, and my freinds were all brutally killed-I was the only one who had a vehicle, which saved my life- I jumped in and managed to dodge the shots of the TT executors. A bitter and broken man, I drove to Zone 38, and plummeted into the Abyss.

After getting my bearings-the car had landed on a spike in the middles of the wastelands-I found the setting was a complete replica of my world-Saturn. I found the world I was on to be called Pluto, and I set about working to help the people I was attacking while on Saturn.

After an interview, I started work as a Phoenix Ltd Scientist-helping the Free Minds of the Fallen Angels to arm themselves against the grinding industy of Neocron.

But I fear that the time may come when we may have to strike-the Dome is approaching ever faster-and we can only hope to arm ourselves in time to retaliate effectively and quickly.

I belive it is our fate to be here-it is our destiny.

I believe that this time holds-for each and every one of us-the very meaning of our lives.

Let us make the Dome and Neocron renember-We are still here! And we are not Afraid!!!



Morpheus wrote:Part 2

Having got myself a job at Phoenix, I spent a comfortable month leveling my constitiution and researching cubes in the Development section. After that, I decided to stop my profession as a researcher--I hadn't much enjoyed it, really. I learnt the art of hacking, and left Phoenix.

After dealing with an RPOS malfunction, I joined Technocracy, and spent a few weeks with them, before the civil war seemed immiment-at which point I left Technocracy.

I ran for council for about 2 days, and after being spammed and flamed by certain individules, I left my own clan, THXII, and rejoined Phoenix as their Computer Specialist.

I enjoy my job, and feel a certain sense of pride, working as possibly the best computer expert in the faction for one of the most famous companies in the world.

ooc: This was just something I wrote while waiting for Zoid to finish modding my new spells. So its not meant to be interesting, but its just a summary of whats happened since I joined FA.

Topics merged.
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