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VS-STORY: AYB attack

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VS-STORY: AYB attack

Postby garyu69 » Tue Jun 29, 2004 10:01 am

Late last night S3-X0 was making a trip to TH3 to fetch the parts to the Combat Hover BP he had just received off .:Tom:.
On his through TH2 he noticed on his local Coms the name Master Sov. He immediately alerted myself that AYB were present in TH.

I jumped in my PA and grabbed some clips of Ammo, I called out for support over Clan coms and Faction coms, gladly I was greeted with Credit Card who threw a shelter and deflector on me and off I ran to TH2 ready to kill.

Quickly I jumped down into TH2 to see Master Sov aiming at <War Brain> (ooc: not even high rank shows how low AYB are), I proceeded to attack without giving him a chance to kill, he ran towards the cores but I got down in time to finish him off before he could do anymore damage.

Credit Card then arrived in the cores with me and War Brain, War Brain expressed his thanks after telling us that he was killed by Master Sov not long before. Next into the cores came Cannings, he tried to drop me but it did not take long for us to drop his hybrid ass! We knew we would be expecting more and sure enough Flesh Gordon appeared, he almost dropped before Stealthing away.

We headed back up stairs and proceeded to chase the stealther around who by now had PPU support from Parasyte, this went on for a good 20 mins until finally AYB turned up with 6 more runners, they quickly de-buffed Credit Card and put her to death.

If it wasn't for my knowledge of TH i surely would have went the same way, but knowing that i could lose them in the Reactor cores i ran there and then back to a GR. I headed from RedRock to TH1 and was so thankful that the repairmen had fixed the lifts.

We re-grouped in eXo clan HQ myself, Credit Card and Northlord. We knew it would not be long until they headed towards our homes and endangering our runners. I tried to put calls over Faction to warn our runners but for some it was just too late.
None the less we weren't going to let them get away without some payback.

I went down first and with 4 AYB at the lifts managed to drop on of their tanks before shooting up the lift again. This went on and we took down a spy, and APU until they were there with 6 runners. (ooc: it became inpossible with some of us being able to see each other and others not because of the bug.)

After this they left most likely to their negative SL but we did not want to leave it at that. Kil'jalot headed out equipped with his stealth tool to locate them, he found 2 AYB tanks at the MB GR (ooc: Capming and killing anyone GR'ing in, mainly Tangent) Myself and CC heard the call and headed to MB from BattleDome.

We quickly dealt with one tank and and a spy that appeared before Roadie, DARK PPU came in to assist AYB. There was bullets flying everywhere with us attacking both AYB and Tangent. The Tangent runners were very reluctent to actually attack AYB and Roadie was even throwing heals on them. But we still managed to take down 4 runners before finally more arrived and we were massively outnumbered once again.

ooc: Soon after i had to log due to needing sleep but it was great fun apart from the Lameness of AYB when they decided to rez kill me 3 times at the MB and there was nothing i could do as i kept logging in Synched and all i could do was watch them rez and kill. But in the end all i lost was a PA nothing too major, i think they will be more pissed about us getting one of their 3 slot Healing Lights. And yes they asked if kil'jalot if he was going to be a dick and keep it. To which he replied..... yes :D
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