BGS: Harry 'Android' Marshall

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BGS: Harry 'Android' Marshall

Postby HusK » Tue Dec 09, 2003 9:58 pm

Name: Marshall
First name(s): Harry, Chicowski
Nickname: Android
Sex: Male
Primary Address: Apartment 1B, Sector 1
Town/City: Techhaven
Country: Pluto
Date of birth: *Unclear*
Social state: not married

Life story:
The story of my life is unlike told before, its incredible and it won’t surprise me if you have trouble believing only just half of what I’m going to tell you.

It all started on a rainy day in the city of Neocron, Harold, which most of you all now know as Sir. Husk, walked down the streets of Viarosso sector 2 to meet his friend and neighbour killer, who lived across the street.
Before they went out hunting Launcher Cyclops they always had a coffee at killer’s place, watch the sun come up, hear the birds sing their daily song of joy. It was a moment of peace, the silence before the storm so to speak.

They each activated the genrep installed in the apartment, next destination Military Base.
Harold had the strangest feeling something was wrong, instead of appearing at the other side of the genrep he somehow got stuck inside. Feeling half awake and half a sleep, it was strange to say the least. A presence was near, he was sure of that! But looking around seemed impossible…as if he moved, but not moved at all at the same time.
Suddenly he was sucked trough …well.. something, and he appeared in Military base, feeling an extreme pain!

He had suffered from an almost lethal dose of synaptic impairment. It was as if he visited 10 places in those few seconds that it had cost him to move towards the Military Base, far from normal to say the least.
Killer was talking to one of the shop keepers for some ammunition he saw when he checked around, ‘What?? 10k for just 5 pieces of the most crappy rifle bullets? How about I give you the poke, and you give me them for free?’ he heard killer say who was having an argument with the shop keeper.
A few minutes later the pain and impairment was back down to acceptable levels, a shitload of ammo richer they where running trough the wastelands looking for some launchers to exterminate.

Launcher after launcher fell before there terror, mutants ran around screaming like pigs in a mud bad…when suddenly they heard a familiar sound…
The Resistance, they are here!!!
Everybody screamed and started to run around, like chickens with no head.
Harold looked around for a save spot, when he suddenly stood face to face, with one of those Twilight Guardian “scumbags”.

That is, or rather was about the last thing I can remember till a few days ago.

A few days ago I woke up in a small laboratory in Tech Haven, surrounded by engineers and scientists which where wearing tags that said ‘Fallen Angels’ and ‘ScienceLab OmegaDeltaCX’.
I had heard of that first name, about a safe haven for people who raise up against the company’s in the city that pushed them around to much or something. At the time I didn’t really know how scientists where treated in the city.

When I wanted to stand up however I found that there was something different to me, something terribly wrong.
A young scientist walked towards my bed, looking very happy about something. He waved towards the other people in the room and said something... but I couldn’t hear what it was…I couldn’t hear.

One of the scientists took a screwdriver and stuck it into my head, I wanted to scream! Scream of pain, till I noticed there was no pain. Moments later I heard noises, first.. far away, but then clearer, and clearer.

So, you finally managed to get out of your coma? A scientist asked.
I’m Sherman, chief scientist for Lab OmegaDeltaCX.

So many questions I had, so many answers I sought.
Where am I?

Its not the question of where you are, but rather of when you are. Sherman spoke.
The year is 2782, thirty years after your, ahum, death.

*this story will be updated and finished at a later point*
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Postby HusK » Tue Dec 09, 2003 11:53 pm

*And the story continues*

I shock went trough my bones as I glazed trough the windows of my underground prison.
Death? Thirty years ago?
At this point I first remembered my last encounter with ‘The Resistance’ GenTanks, bread for combat, bread for the total annihilation of their opponents.
I remembered a pain which cannot be described in words, and then a black nothing.

The scientists had given me something to drink, it tasted like hydro, but it was black, like oil.
Slowly I got back to myself, and the questions.
After which I looked at Mr. Sherman who seemed to have the answers.

Understanding he nodded to me.
I can see you have gotten over the first shock, let me explain everything.

Thirty years ago you where chosen, chosen by an entity we call ‘Helios’.
You where chosen to join the Fallen Angels, this entity does many things, but one of the most interesting parts is that it seems to favour the Fallen Angels above any other factions in this game.
The entity had you scanned in one of your genrep trips, it took away a lot of your cells and DNA to reconstruct you into a more suitable form as soon as you would die, at some point.

So this is the new form then? I asked.

No, this is the old you, or what’s left of it.
The version of you we are talking about has been reconstructed in Area MC5, which is a actually a brainwash facility for the CityAdmin, but also the only place where a person could be (re-)engineerd.

So your telling me there is another ME around?

Quite so, he has called himself HusK, and was named Harold Marshall by the people who adopted him.
He lost most of the memory’s you had when you died, and what he does remember is mixed up with his real life, mixed with memory’s from his so called parents.
He is classed as a Tank, and has had its own life over the past 30 years. People who remember you, now think of him as you, which in fact he actually is.
Quit complicated all.

You don’t say. So what am I now? Why did you…erm, get me back alive while you already think of him as, well… me?

I was just coming to that, when we found you we didn’t know any of this, we just found a more than dead runner, and at the time we needed a body to test a few new inventions.
Most of your body was damaged beyond repair, that is what made you such a suitable test subject, we had no idea you actually would still be you till a few days ago.
When we connected your head to your new body we saw that the nanites we used for constructing pathways actually started reconstructing your brain, and surprisingly they managed to find suitable replacements for the tissue damage done to it.


In short, you’re an android with a suit of flesh.
Now rest, you have a lot to think about, and we still have a lot of work to on your body.

*And once again, this story will continue shortly ;)*
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Postby HusK » Wed Dec 10, 2003 12:12 am

*finish line*

I woke up in an apartment the next day.
There was no trace of the lab or the scientists, nor have I ever seen them again.

I had found my body was working as good as ever, but that I had gained a lot of skills with it.
Actualy it had doubled my skills, which was one thing I couldn’t complain about.

As I glazed in the mirror at my tin body I noticed a strange looking suit in the corner.
It was compressed into a small packet with a little button on it, not kidding around I off course pushed the button…

The packet disappeared but other than that I did not see what it had done, not until I looked into the mirror again.

My second glaze into the mirror was rather shocking.
The exact same face I knew so well thirty years ago was staring back at me, the blue hair, the white skin, the sunglasses, the clothes. Everything was there!

As I marvelled at my new appearance, I said to myself, this was just a bad bad dream…

But then, I noticed my surroundings again, this was not Neocron, and this apartment had similar looks to the lab I had seen earlier.
Then it is true? I was wondering.
To be certain I checked my backpack, only to find a small button, which looked rather similar to the button I pressed earlier.
Again I pressed this button, and as soon as I did I regained my metal looks.

I decided I would wear my skin suit when not in battle, and I sought this Harold, or HusK as he calls himself.
We could go along pretty well, although he didn’t believe the story of me being him, he did introduce me to the rest of the Fallen Angels, who where more than generous.

So here I am, in your mitts, an Android, a Fallen one, and I count myself lucky to have become a true Fallen Angel, like the people I now call my friends, the Fallen Angels!
Although I can understand you can’t believe this story, that you cannot believe that I was dead, one day you will see, that I AM an Android!
How else can my story not be true?
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