S-STORY: The Sentinel Protocol

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S-STORY: The Sentinel Protocol

Postby Morpheous » Wed Nov 26, 2003 9:37 pm

PS: this is my 1st attempt at RP stories, so if its crap dont say anything :)

8:00 Tech haven Standard time. An alarm by the side of Jerod roused him from his sleep, and he rubbed his implants.

He became aware of the colours in the room. Red and blue.
A nice little change in the usual monotony, he thought. He slid out of the bed and walked to the nearest computer array, flashing red. Suddenly, klaxons sounded throughout the facility as printouts from the main terminal spewed out endlessly.

Suddenly he was awake.
He ran over to the access unit. Placing his ID card in the slot, and speaking clearly "Jerod Denton, Head of Sentinel". The doors slid cleanly apart, admitting him to an airlock. The doors closed, and the room lit up green. Pushing the button marked 'Inner Door Activation', he stepped into the central control room of the Sentinel project.

Two years ago, Tech Haven decided to secretly drag the world communications network through massive computers to search for threats related to Tech Haven or to the security of their allied. The system used rooms of computing equipment and huge uplinks to decrypt and scan every communication sent in Neocron. So far it was estimated to have saved 200 lives and had averted 15 disasters, including a plot to place a Cold Fusion warhead in the TH reactors. Jerod had been assigned as the system administrator, and thus the guardian of Tech Haven security.

He punched in a login and tore off the printout.

Odd, thought Jerod. The personnel search had nothing on them.
Alpha to Omega.

Initiate procedure 303.
Spy reports total shutdown of arms in Reactor.
Deliver the Package.
Arm it, and then return to Base(K_14)

Reactors will be destroyed by 10:00 THST

Jerod did two things when he finished reading the message. He tried to start the reactor lockdown procedure from the security terminal on one side of the room, and he tried to alert the other Angels using the communicator on the other side. After falling over in a lot of pain, he locked down the reactors and sent a search team down. He then set up a remote masking field over TH and the Reactors, so that the signal would have a hard time getting through. TH is safe, he thought.

Suddenly there was a huge explosion somewhere in TH. The ceiling cracked but held-just. Several computers sparked and exploded, and the emergency doors hissed open pneumatically. He ran into the emergency exit shaft that took him through 50 huge blast doors and independently sealed sections. Many doors exited into the shaft, including one hatch to the reactor core. Jerod thought for a bit and started to climb.

Ten minutes later he reached the reactor doors. He placed an override unit on the lock and punched in a login. As the huge doors slid open, a wall of heat hit him. He saw the massive reactors and many FA trapped inside. He leapt in, pressing the emergency shutdown button and opening the reactor core containment systems. The runners spread into the cores to find the bomb, and Jerod set to work on enclosing the cores.
The reactors had a facility that allowed the reactor core unit, including the Detrillithium that powered TH, to be dropped down a 200-meter shaft, with massive doors at the head. He had looked at the closest reactor and had found the system interface. All he had to do was start the procedure. Simple. He powered up the display and found the system in ruins. The screen showed two words: Nice Try. Jerod swore loudly and jumped into the reactor to manually release the core. Red lights were flashing everywhere, and massive defensive turrets swung into position as the General Security alarm sounded. Fallen Angels everywhere checked their weapons and gathered into groups, logging into infolinks and getting fresh ammo. Suddenly a force of forty Tangent and Crahn politely sounded the door buzzer. Two-hundred and fifty Fallen Angels spun round. One particualarly drunk runner opened the door. Two hundred guns gleamed in the faces of the Tangent. The lead TT said "Roses are red, violets are blue. If I blow the bomb, whats that make you?" (ooc: Thanks to NERD for inspiration :D ). Two hundred and fifty guns flicked on safties, and the massive defensive turrets stood down. "Alright then, now we have a little bit of temporary peace, let me just outline what is going to happen." Said the TT leader. "We will now move you into Tech haven one where our techies have constructed a mass-GR field. You will then be placed into the Necron central jail and locked away. Tangent will take over Tech Haven and use it as a base for experimental projects, and for use as a troop base against Doy. Any questions?" FA stood in stunned silence. Then suddenly 6 massive core units silently released power ducts and interface locks. With a massive crash they were sent deep into the planet, with the bomb exploding in containment shaft 3. The guns slid back into position and loaded themselves. FA grabbed as many guns as they could hold and looked threatening. TT needed no further persuasion. They ran out of the core room, but found their exit blocked by huge blast doors. They were trapped.

Jerod swung into the main chamber and locked down the complex. Ten minutes later he had most of the fallen angels walking back down the side shafts into TH2 where they anniahlated the TT forces. Now they had a point to fight over, and FA held all the cards. Mails were sent requesting vast amounts of money and Tangent technology in return for the hostages. Tangent retaliation was kept down by a bomb rigged to the security grid and deadman sensors on the guards. Tangent finally paid up and then FA released most of the prisoners, excluding the best scientists and the leader of TT, for which they got what they wanted most: Copbot technology. All of the equipment of the Copbots was taken by the Fallen Angels and developed into the most sophisticated armour suit made. TH was safe, as all FA runners could wear the PA. Projects such as Helios were put on hold as TH’s facilities started to work on technology far superior to the city’s and the dome’s. Things were looking up.

Coming soon: Icarus and Daedalus: The coming of Helios
(If I have the time!)
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