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BGS:Gunnar Aegirson, lone nordic pe.

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BGS:Gunnar Aegirson, lone nordic pe.

Postby Bugs Gunny » Mon Sep 05, 2005 12:54 pm

Gunnar Aegirson was originaly born amongst the anarchy breed, but when the camp was destroyed by reeza's forces he was taken to an orphan home in the city of neocron.

As he grew up in a state controled institution the caretakers noticed peculiar behaviour in the boy, he would suddenly start cursing and using foul language. For his rude behaviour he was frequently punished by the caretakers.
Unfortunately it took 10 years before he was officialy diagnosed with tourets. During this time all the punishment had also given the young man a spaking fetish.

At age 21 he was given an entry level position as a driver with the next faction. He learned how to use cannons and gun a rhino. His old time Tank buddy, Bugs Gunny helped him level and learn about heavy weapons.
When the 101st division in next defected to crahn he joined them and also moved to the dome, where he was part of the civil war between 101st-extort who merged to become blood, and FF, Dark and some other clans.
When Cityadmin heard of the clan in the dome who was no longer wanted they contacted blood and along with the rest, Gunnar moved over to CA, to once more be housed and fed by the state of neocron.

He was a member of the blood clan, untill one day he saw Bugs Hunny, the wife of his mate Bugs Gunny. Imediately he fell in love with the hot blonde pe and they began a passionate relationship. It was so passionate that all the spaking left bruises on hunny, and when Bugs Gunny found out about it he was devastated. Betrayed by his best friend and his wife he decided that life was not worth living anymore , and so the old tank paid a hacker to clear his genrep pattern from the files and then threw himself off the plaza1 restaurant. All resuraction attempts failed.

This dramatic event caused Bugs Hunny to hate Gunnar Aegirson with a passion and Gunnar locked himself up for weeks and weeks. He then set out on a massive hunting expedition where he stayed in the swampcaves and drove around in his rhino alone. After two months of being in the wastes alone he returned, with stories of a WOC temple he had visited in the F02 sector. He was also carying a weird kind of xbow on his back.
The hunting expedition had given him great combatskills, but being alone that long had not improved his spaking fetish, nor his tourets.

So, CA decided it was best for Gunnar and the cooperation inside blood that Gunnar leave the clan and go seek help for his problems.
In a seedy bar in pepperpark he stumbled upon a poster....

"Do you wanna be my F.E.T.IS.H. ?"
"Control your fetish, reintegrate in society and become a productive member once more, call for more info on our therapy sessions"

He went to their appartement, rang the bell and has been in the FETISH therapy group for a few days now. Will it help? Only time can tell.
Bugs Gunny
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Postby Bugs Gunny » Fri Sep 30, 2005 9:39 am

After a few weeks of therapy Gunnar was cured of his tourets, but unfortunately, before he was able to get started on the spanking program, the NCPD raided the FETISH apartement and confiscated all goods.
Apparently a man by the name of Asurmen aka "Assman", had publicaly demonstrated his necrophilia fetish in plaza1 medicare.....

With all that behind him, Gunnar was now alone in the streets, without a job, and without a home. All his old friends had quit the NCPD or just vanished into the wastes. When he was walking from plaza2 to plaza1 he encountered a few protopharm runners from clan "Trauma".

They started to insult him for his ragged clothes and being a wannabe, carying a xbow he couldn't use.... This did not turn out well. And a few corpses were left behind in the alley.
The next few days Gunnar had to fight off more and more runners of this clan, and constantly running missions for his faction got tiresome.
In the end, he said "Screw this" and walked over to a citycom to check all the known clans. He started compiling a small list of people he had met in the battlefield, both friendly and enemy and decided to have a word with the Phoenix corporation.

Secretly talks were held and Brammers finaly aproved his membership.
At first it felt odd, fighting along his former enemies, but soon he felt right at home with the financial megaclan, and was promoted to section 2 security.
Bugs Gunny
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Postby Bugs Gunny » Mon Oct 24, 2005 7:46 am

Unfortunately the tourettes remained a problem and got Gunnar in too many fights.
He resigned from section 2 to return for more therapy in FETISH.
He quickly worked himself up to be one of the main therapists in the organisation.
From the inheritance of bugs gunny he was able to sell off the Hercules chip and then decided to start a bar.
6 Million to furniture and 2 million in bribes for licenses, the FETISH CLUB was a reality.
Life is looking good for the lone pe, and so are the strippers......
Bugs Gunny
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