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Items DB - missing vendors

PostPosted: Mon Jun 27, 2022 2:37 pm
by Sylia
Hi there,

firstly a huge thanks for keeping this site alive for so many years!

I've noticed that some vendors are missing from the drop down list in the Items DB, e. g.
- Low tech pistols smuggler in MB1 (only one to sell the Mini Rocketlauncher and Tangent Mini Rocketlauncher afaik)
- Street hawkers for implants and tools (only ones to sell most of the v2 brain implants)

Would it be possible to add them to the choices of vendors/smugglers in the Items DB or would it be possible to allow free form entries in the vendor field in case new ones get added?


Re: Items DB - missing vendors

PostPosted: Fri Jul 01, 2022 1:50 pm
by Brammers
Ok a few issues here.

Starting with there are 2 smuggler list.

The smuggler at P4 is already on the list of smugglers, and is listed at the general Plaza/VR smuggler list. ... a-viarosso I've created another list for the wiki to show the Plaza 4 low tech smuggle, and that's now on the page.
The low tech smuggler at MB1 is a new one. It's now listed on the smugglers attributes to add to existing items. So all the MB1 items need updating to include the MB1 status. I've also created another list for the wiki to show the MB1 low tech smuggle, and that's now on the page. It will update as soon as the items are updated in the Items DB with the smuggler details.

In the case of the Street hawkers, it's a little tricky. The game IIRC allows to have the same vendors, with different lists. My concern is we could have 4 different street hawkers vendor, but I hope the NST are not considering this or done this.

Let me ask around the NST, as I would very much like to see the generic "This item can be purchased from a shop vendor" replaced with "This item can be purchased from a street hawkers", or ""This item can be purchased from Crytons"

Re: Items DB - missing vendors

PostPosted: Sat Jul 02, 2022 11:03 pm
by Sylia
Thanks for the quick reaction.

I had also wondered about the possibility to get the actual shops/vendors into the database but I didn't dare to even ask in view of the necessary work to make that happen.

As far as I can tell basically every item would need to be edited and every store location would need to be added individually. E. g. not every HEW has all the vendors inside, so just stating that the item can be bought at HEW wouldn't be necessarily helpful especially for new players. I don't know what kind of tools you have to edit your database but at least with the public UI for editing items that would be a major pain. ...and let's not forget that one would have to take the time to walk around and check what's sold where in the game (unless the devs would be willing to supply the relevant lists of course ;) ).


Re: Items DB - missing vendors

PostPosted: Thu Jul 07, 2022 10:32 am
by Brammers
At this stage, I'm looking add the Vendor name, so the dropdown list would have values as follows.

Tech Angels

At the moment each item being marked as a shop vendor isn't helpful, where as knowing the Vendor is a massive improvement. Adding further information as to (for example) which HEW vendor will be a bigger update headache. You rightly say, updating all the items will be a headache, but worth it.

I would also argue all HEW locations sell all HEW items at each location. If they don't, that's inconsistent for both old and new players, and should be considered as a bug.

On a technical note on the Item DB. We can add new "attributes" to an item usually without a patch to the site. There will be cases where a patch is needed.