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THN Rules of conduct, disclaimer and list of Moderators.

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THN Rules of conduct, disclaimer and list of Moderators.

Postby THN CPU » Fri Jul 04, 2008 9:43 am

The following rules Apply to using this board and any part of the THN (Tech Haven Network)
    Rules of conduct:
  1. You may not use any unlawful, harmful, threatening, abusive, harassing, defamatory, vulgar, obscene, hateful, racially, ethnically or otherwise objectionable language toward any other player or clan.
  2. Excessive spam is prohibited.
  3. You may not directly impersonate any admin or moderator on this board.
  4. You may not directly impersonate any Neocron Customer Support representative or other employee of Reakktor Media.
  5. You may not violate any local, state, national or international law or regulation.
  6. You may not post any neocron modifications that do not oblige to Neocron’s official rules on that subject.
  7. You will not post any links to any page on Ebay in the public forums.
  8. No affiliate marketing is permitted.
  9. You may use the forums for trading services or items ingame only.
  10. You may only belong to one faction group at any time.
  11. Any Admin/Mod can, however unlikely, intervene in any post or reply, if the subject gets "out of hand" in any way. Complains about this can be send using the private message system towards the boards administrator 'THN CPU' or towards a leading moderator of the said forum.
  12. Admin/Mod word is final. If you have a complaint you can send a private message to 'THN CPU' or contact any of the leading moderators, using the forums private message system.

  • This forum is not supported in any way by ReaKKtor Media GMBH.
  • This forum is maintained by Volunteers, by being a member of this board you do not automatically obtain any rights on, about or through it.
  • Private Clan forums are moderated by the Clans chosen moderators, will not be viewable by any other moderator and will never be read by the boards administrator unless asked to. Therefore the boards admins/moderator are not responsible for any of the above rules being broken in those forums, those forums moderators will be held directly responsible to maintain the above written rules of conduct.
  • If this forum or its maintainers is/are contacted by ReaKKtor Media GMBH or any official law enforcement agency, the maintainers of this forum will take measures depending on the subject, this could result in the removal or banning of something or someone.

On an unofficial side note I should add that we are not strict, like official boards, however, a official set of rules was necessary to uphold a certain quality, and to allow certain moderation where things get really out of hand.

Things like topic locking and anti spam work should be nearly non-existent, except when it gets out of hand offcourse.

Normal moderation will usually only make sure the readability of this forum stays intact - this means for example, that some posts may get moved towards their proper locations when a member was confused when posting it. ;)

Thread starters may request their thread to be closed, by sending a Private Message to the Forum Mods, or by putting a note in the thread to close the thread.

Your friendly list of Forum Mods and Admin

These people, look after the posts, deal with any problems that you may have, and generally are a nice helpful bunch. If you have an account problem, these are the people to contact.

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