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Recent activity and the state of things

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Recent activity and the state of things

Postby Abeyance » Wed Nov 26, 2014 12:55 pm

Hey all

I see Neocron has been adopted by some group and is being actively maintained.

- Anybody I know still playing?
- What's the community like?
- Average population?
- Phoenix still around?

I'm still seemingly banned from the Neocron forums so haven't really been able to check for myself, but do we know what kind of development is ongoing? Will there be any extensions to the story and environment or is it purely maintenance?

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Re: Recent activity and the state of things

Postby Brammers » Thu Nov 27, 2014 4:07 pm

I remember you! :p

Yeah KK went bankrupt at the start of 2012. The NST (Neocron Support Team) took over running the servers and creating new patches. Terra is no longer active, but there is a new server called Titan. Everyone had to start from scratch with new chars.

Also the game is free to play.

To answer your questions
- Anybody I know still playing? Get back ingame - it's free
- What's the community like? Get back ingame and decide!
- Average population? Have a look at
- Phoenix still around? Most of us are doing other thing or playing other games, however some Phoenix members do drop in now and again.
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