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A few questions about gameplay

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A few questions about gameplay

Postby Traxler » Fri Jan 25, 2013 11:34 am

Hi, after playing a constructer for some time, I felt I needed a change.

So I decided to build a second char for exploring the world.

The idea at the moment is to do a Rifle-PE. But since I dont know the game very well I came here to get a few questions answered.

As a solo explorer hacking seems to be a must to be able to enter certain areas. Is it correct that I need hightech-combat only for hacknet and not for opening doors and chests? Also my first char would of course love a constructor glove. Can that one easily be bought from other players, or do i need to get into hacknet myself?

Another thing is that I like the lowtech style more, are those weapons viable in the end or is hightech what you need at higher lvls?

Also how can a PE ever stand up to a gene-tank? IT is mentioned that they can, but I cant see how, since the tank (using heavy weapons) can get a very high primary weapon skill and insane HP/resists. Is it the lack of weaponlore?

Does it even make sense to consider pvp if I dont want to use cheats? Ired there were a lot of cheaters. If so I dont care, I will just never remove my law enforcer...

Last I want to give you the idea I have at the moment:

Intelligence goes into hacking and weapon lore, last prefered.

Dexterity goes mainly into Rifle, with a little recycling, agility, vehicle and maybe repair. Im very undiceded about hightech combat.

Strenght goes into transport and the resists.

Constitution probably somewhat evenly devided into all.

Psi I would love to put all into resist. I just dont like the magic feel. Are there even mobs who do psi dmg? Not sure about this one at all...

Oh, yea, and I dont care if lvling is slow, I want to explore the world, not grinding as fast as I can.

Thanks for any help!
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Postby Traxler » Sat Jan 26, 2013 9:44 am

Hmm, seems I cant edit anymore...

Well I got my construction glove, so theres no need for this char to be able to use the hacknet anymore...

My biggest concern at the moment is hightech combat. I just cant decide whether to take it or not.

And I thought about maybe go with pistols insead of rifles. With 100 weaponlore they should have a range of 50 meters right? Are they so much more viable than lets say a shotgun in dungeons?
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Postby Walker » Sat Jan 26, 2013 1:37 pm

For leveling purposes Theres no reason not to take TC. All the best ranged rifles needs TC.
The only pistols that has some range is the laserbeam pistols, which obviously also needs TC :)

Unless you are going caving (CRP/Regants bossroom), I wouldnt recommend using pistols. They have low range and the damage isnt great tbh.
The reason why Im mentioning caving, is the Rocket pistols. They are the only AoE that a pistol user have access to, and isnt bad at all..
Rifle users do NOT have access to any AoE weaponry. However rifles does more singletarget damage and with a much longer range.
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Postby Traxler » Sun Jan 27, 2013 8:27 am

First let me thank you for the reply, was waiting the whole weekend for someone to answer.

What confuses me is that you say pistols dont have great dmg.
All the stuff I found says that pistols do more dmg than rifles at the cost of range, you sure about that?
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Postby Walker » Sun Jan 27, 2013 1:20 pm

Yes, Im sure :)

The current weapon balancing is absolutely horrible.

Just to give an example;
No non-WoC pistol is viable in PvP atm.

PE's really Arent very strong atm though.. The first character I leveled on Titan was a PE, because I have always loved them.. That character is still LE'd and are being used to farm techs..

I use a tank for PvP (its much easier to set up a tank for PvP aswell, since they dont need rare implants or MC5's).

BTW, I leveled my PE as a HeavyCombat user. Since CON takes AGES to level, with the other kind of weapons.
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Postby Stonehaven » Sun Mar 03, 2013 10:53 am

Ill give my opinion based on non pvp and leveling your characters. I have almost caped pistol and rifle spy, apu and hyb monk. Half way caped Droner, and almost caped Pistol PE.

PE was easiest for me to level to almost caped, i think thats because PE skills are well rounded and generous on earning xp. If you want to use ht pistols only put enough tc to equip the weapon since the pistol skill will give you most damage, when ur caped you can play with pistol and tc to see what yealds the best damage for you.

I have my PE set up for leveling only no hacking yet, all skill in Intel is going to WEP so the reticle closes faster when i aim on mobs, and implanting because I am mostly a solo player as well, you want to be able to poke your self unless you dont mind going to go get a poke in town then gr'ing back to your leveling spot. 60 implant is best at higher level so you can use the implant glove to poke higher lvl implants otherwise just enough to poke your current implants. Makes you very self sufficient.

Recycling make sure is enough to recycle your medkits, stm boosters, and ammo, this way you can stay out leveling longer without having to go to the gogu for items, all is left is repairing your armor which should sustain you for a long time before having to go get it repaired in town

I decided not to hack on my PE because i wanted it all in WEP to help to faster damage, I think youll have to choose between implant and hacking with your PE, I think implant is more important for a solo runner, maybe 30 hacking at most after you complete your epic so you can get stuff from the faction DB but not an ounce more, othen than that i wouldnt worry about getting in chests or locked doors in some areas i have found no real good that come from that other than if ur lucky you may find another runners goods in a chest somewhere and most times they wont be good goods

However you may want to hack warbots eventually to farm rare techparts im this case all you need is about 36ish hacking and 3 or four hacking implants, cant remember atm what i use on my spy but you can check the item db and look at the hacking implants then do some math :). But my spy is great at hunting and hacking wb's with the epic tangent pistol and the hacking implant setup i mentioned, all you need to hack wb's efficiently is about 78 hacking including implants and he has almost no WEP because hes also my constructor (the best WB farmer I have).

Oh almost forgot, pistols vs rifles, if you go rifle the tangent epic rifle is going to be very good wb rifle at least it was back in the day, i havent hunted much with sniper rifles like that since the old days though and one reason only is because durring titan release they took away the abillity to be in third person and still shoot at targets, you may want to try the tl 79 commando sniper though it may be better.

There are various rifles, quick shooting assult rifles are great leveling rifles that can shoot pretty far keeping you foe at a distance and out of range, fusion rifles are not my favorite they do more damage the further you are away form your target which i see as a disadvantage than the other rifles, plasma rifles are pretty good leveling rifles but ddo less damage the further away from target at least the ones i have used.

I like the pistols, probly not the best aginst fire mobs in the canyon and crp unless you have great resists and can take alot of damage because you gotta be somewhat pretty close to your target most of the time the exception is the Rocket Pistol, i love that thing, its an aoe pistol, the best for leveling at regents just make sure you have at least a 3 slot made and mod it with dmg, frq, and explosive ammo mod, explosive ammo for the rocket pistol is going to be the best aginst regants mobs for leveling, i used it to level my PE and Spy also tested dmg with other ammo types except havent tested the rocket ammo aginst crp mobs but have leveled there as well with my PE and it deos good damage with explosive ammo.

ATM I cant say much about what Walker mentioned about rifles having more damage than pistols because i havent revisited all the rifles and pistols yet but from what i can tell so far the snipers def do more damage than pistols do but the other rifles ive used have been about equal to pistols ive used.

BTW thats a good idea about leveling PE as HC user Walker, wish I would have thought about that but i didnt think it would make much of a difference though since i never had a tank or used HC weapons.

atm i am so tired and wrote this pretty fast so hope i covered everything well for you, please ask if you have any more questions.
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