S-STORY: C.Y.B.O.T Project

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S-STORY: C.Y.B.O.T Project

Postby Britt Deluccia » Thu Nov 20, 2003 4:25 pm

All around TH the FA are awaking to a new thing. Something… that on the whole was unexpected.

Monitors… on every corner in every bar outside every lift.. They had been installed overnight and now hung.. Silent, well not quite as if you listened closely a faint hum could be heard from them. But this was just dismissed as electricity. After some quick investigation and a lot of hot topic talk they were soon forgotten as the daily raids started and the FA rushed around to prepare.

It wasn’t until after the last gunshots had stop ringing around TH and the last of the dead had been resurrected that the monitors flicked into life. All around TH the FA froze.. Transfixed at the glowing white of the screens. Then a picture appeared.

*The screen flickers and a picture to a middle aged man dressed in the white lab coat of the scientist*

“Fellow Fallen Angels, I greet you on this wonder... wonderful day *he pauses and appears to be looking around at something* oh.. oh dear a another raid… well actually PERFECT.. Well not perfect, all the pain… but I’m getting ahead of myself. My name is Britt Deluccia, head scientist and Co-founder of the Cybot project.”

He began to walk off and the camera hastily followed him. Showing several large devices dotted around a huge laboratory*

“Now, for years the Fallen angels have had to put up with raids and death every day of there lives.”

A mutter of agreement ran through the crowded Fallen Angels watching the monitors

“Well project Cybot was started to change all of that, for the better” Britt was then heard to mumble something, which some swear was “We hope”, he quickly continued “Well I think we have something here that will impress you all” The camera spins to show a tube, very much like those 'status tubes' that the citizens of NeoCron were sent to Iratta 3 in, a murmur of confusion ran through the crowds.

Britt coughed his discomfort showing slightly. “Please give me a second folks” he runs to the tube and begins keying into a data pad on the side, a few seconds later the lid begins to slide up and Britt looks up grinning, Inside the tube was what looked very much like a Sleeping runner.

“Well here you have it folks. .CYBernetically .Operated defense or C.Y.B.O.T”

Looks of confusion and mutters broke out in the crowd

“Ok folks let me explain. Cybot is a man. But is also a machine, in fact it’s a cyborg or should I say he, as the human tissue was taken from my partner. Who volunteered after contracting radiation poisoning of the brain, Knowing he would be brain dead, he came to me with the idea of Cybot. And so after many months of study we came up with this. Cybot will be the new first line of defense inside TH. With greater than normal abilities from the major augmentations and implants along side the built in computer system, he is the perfect fighting machine!”

Gasps ran through the Fallen angels. And there were some heated conversations happening in small groups.

“Now I would like to show you Cybot in all his glory. And as such I will be running through a full systems check with you before we bring this unit online” Britt grinned and turned to face Cybot “Ok Cybot lets run through the usual systems check” Suddenly the Cybot moved with strong strides he moved across the floor and stood facing the camera as Britt plugged several cables into the back of his skull suddenly the screen flashed and the view changed. “Right your now seeing things from Cybots’s perspective” Britt’s voice could be heard from some where out of view.

For the next twenty minutes the fallen angels watched as Cybots’s systems were checked, and his abilities proven. After which Britt gave a quick overview and then promised the angels that Cybot would be looking after them from now on. The angels left the areas of the monitors deep in conversation, meanwhile no one noticed the small LR1 Drone vanish into the GenRep taking the recorded announcement to the people of NeoCron.
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Postby Britt Deluccia » Fri Nov 21, 2003 2:19 am

Well the first days testing went quiet well. appart from a small problem with the cybots fire defences.

Although a few mishaps with people attempting to give command to cybot.
so for your reading this is how his command and directives structure goes


1) Protect Fallen Angels
2) Protect Tech Haven
3) Protect Unit
4) Follow orders of Lupus wonderboy
5) Follow orders of Zane Shadowfall

If someone not on the directives list gives the cybot a command. the cybots logic curcuits work over the problem and check that it dosnt break the rules in its subsystems or the Direcctives it has set. therefore depending on the order given. Cybot may or may not follow the given order.
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