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DOY and NC on verge of war?

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DOY and NC on verge of war?

Postby Delphinius » Mon Jul 09, 2007 6:43 am

With the recent outbreaks of HIOB attacks and the disappearances of Jack Red and Ronald Rodriguez, tensions are at their highest both between factions as well as between the Cities. The Dome of York's alliance, mainly based on a common fight against the principles once held by Lioon Reza, are falling apart with the recent loss of our leader, Ronald Rodriguez. With the DOY in such turmoil, and such assumed similar problems in NC, the alliances that were once held by so many factions may be falling apart. There are rumors spreading that the Faction Headquarters of The Brotherhood of Crahn, Black Dragon, The Twilight Guardian, The Fallen angels, The Tsunami syndicate, and even possibly NEXT will be moving away from their current positions and back to where they once were. The alliances are failing and it is in this time that we must most worry about an attack from HIOB, or NC. The DOY Alliance must band together now more than ever. We must hold strong against the oppressive City Admin, and all that stand with them. We must be ready to fight a war. For Peace, for Freedom, For the world.

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Postby Abeyance » Mon Jul 09, 2007 7:36 am

I concur, it's about time that the Fallen Angels regrouped and reevaluated their objectives. For so long we maintained relationships with only the true hearted. After the last major attack we forged an alliance with so many factions that once upon a time we thought we were superior than. It's time to lose these new ways and return back to our home in the wastelands, restore our connections with Neocron City and NExT, and return to our pacifist ways.
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