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Malevolence: Part 1

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Malevolence: Part 1

Postby Abeyance » Wed May 09, 2007 1:22 pm

It was a long time ago now…

I remember when I first opened my eyes…

The room, it was so blue, so cold.

I guess I will never know where I came from, who I am, or what I used to do, but now, in this place; I just don’t see how its relevance anymore. There is only one exit to the room that I am entrapped in. I can’t see where it leads to, but it seems to rise endlessly up into the roof. I’m not sure how to describe such a thing in terms that my own people would understand. My own people in my own time… but somehow it appears to defy gravity.

I’m sure scientists have argued over it’s name since it’s creation, but for now I shall call it a Grav-Lift. I stand up for the first time in my memory. I feel so weak, so insignificant. The feeling of weightless-ness as I step inside the lift is astounding, unlike anything on earth at the beginning of the 21st century. Technology beyond the wildest dreams of a researcher from my day.

I have noticed that for some reason I am inhibited thought on harming other people, or other violent acts. At this point I am unsure of the reason why and begin to make my way over to the lift, as at this point I don’t really have many other options. I keep getting flashbacks of images I don’t understand. I am not a particularly religious person myself but I can’t even begin to comprehend some of the things that are popping into my head; images of great civilisations falling, warfare out in a vast open deserted space, mechanical warriors using weapons of a non-projectile nature.

Once to the surface I’ve made my way over to what appears to be a hut, past a few guards that for some reason feel unapproachable to me. In this hut there is a device, I feel compelled to use it. At this point, like the images I’m still unsure why. The interface implies that this unit is some kind of teleportation device. There is only one destination so I am once again limited in my options, however the sound of going to my own apartment at this point is better than anything else I’ve been offered at this point. Maybe I’ll be able to find some answers about my purpose, who I am, what I am meant to do, and why everybody I have seen around me so far has been completely unsurprised by my appearance. I also wouldn’t mind an answer to the question that has been bothering me since I awoke; where the hell am I?
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