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Announcement: The Role Playing Committee Is Here!

Character background? Made up storys? Ingame storys changed around into real storys? Well anything you got for public amusement!

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Announcement: The Role Playing Committee Is Here!

Postby Zheodaine » Tue Sep 12, 2006 11:43 am

To All Serious Role-Players:

I am creating a Role Play Committee (RPC), the committee will create player events based on our own story line which will include taking players lives into account so the role play is much more personal, for example having your clan-mate/brother "roughed" up by some black dragons, and they maybe hiring some city mercs to pay them back, or getting some friends/clan mates to go smash their faces in! All story lines will be in ROLE PLAY meaning it's not an excuse to go killing everyone in your faction/F6 it will simply be a "one off" thing. Their will be indeepth story lines so for example a clan mate may be kidnapped and it could take weeks to find them searching for clues, getting information out of people buying it with credits and items. I will also be trying to get some GM support for mob spawns and items spawns EG: info cubes etc. At the end of the missions there will be rewards such as rare parts/items/trophies perhaps, maybe some cash. It depends on what I can collect/get off the GM's.

So I'm looking for one person from each faction to liaison for their faction and arrange things with clans etc. If your interested send "Zheodaine" (without quote ofc) a mail with the following information:

Faction, Date you started playing NC, Clan, Average online hours per week and times your online (INCLUDE your time zone pls or better tell me in GMT).

Why you want to be a liaison. What you think you can do to help. And anything else you think I might want to know.

Secondly, only clans/runners who sign up will be informed/welcome, people who gate-crash will be dealt with any way I can deal with them, including asking GM's to warp you if they can/will! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

So anyone who just wants to play in the events should contact for an info pack the pack will contain a set of questions about their character to be filled out to help with creating story lines for them. Everyone in the list will be sent information about the current story line and events. (Note there is a weekly/month fee for joining (in game fee ofc).

If there's any other information you need to know contact me at the above address.

Note: We have a Fallen Angels Liaison.

Thanks for your time Role Players!

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Captain Zheodaine Aldour,
RPC Chairman,
RPC Fallen Angels Liaison,
Defenders Of York,
The Fallen Angels,
The Dome Of York.
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Postby Neope » Wed Sep 13, 2006 7:13 pm

roleplay is laaaame unless it involves pking Certain players, WAIT WAIT WAIT!
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