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BGS: A short history of Brammers

PostPosted: Mon Oct 06, 2003 1:41 pm
by Brammers
Class: Spy
Name: (Error - please contact your Faction Rep)
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Nickname: Brammers
Sex: Male
Date of Birth: 28th April 2744
Address: Apartment 1A, Sector 1, Techhaven.

Brammers doesn't remember anything from his early days as a child, which striked him as a bit odd to say the least. Not even any memories of his parents. But once he was old enough to step out into the city on his own, his found his early days hard, without the guidance of his parents. After choosing to join Tangent Technologies, he first messed about in the sewers with a small knife, before eventually saving enough money to buy a baseball bat. One day he ran into two people down the sewers, who had just recently arrived in Neocron. Katherine Meyers, a researcher and Philip Peters, a constructor all soon became good friends. It was at this point Katherine encouraged Brammers to use rifles, but also Brammers paid close attention to using Pistols.

One day Katherine Meyers was asked by CityAdmin to form the Special Operations Executive, a operation to protect the citizens of Neocron. Brammers, amongst many other runners was recruited, even though he was a member of Tangent, CityAdmin permitted Brammers to join SoE. While waiting for CityAdmin to provide tasks, SoE spent a lot of time exploring the wastelands. It was at this time Brammers got bored with Riffles and started using Pistols instead, which he felt comfortable with for a long time. He also tried many other things as well, ranging from hacking to recycling, and also driving.

Philip Peters left Neocron to seek out Tokyo II, but before he left, he gave Brammers his TL100 construction tool, and a drone. Brammers had always been fascinated by construction, and it wasn't before long before he developed his skills well enough to start trading on Plaza one. But it was this drone that really interested him, flying a powerful weapon gave him a frill. Then SoE gave him a classified investigation job, which required him to leave SoE to go undercover. The investigation job lasted several months but on his return to the city CityAdmin had changed the rules.

The new rules in CityAdmin forbid him to rejoin Special Operations Executive, unless he left Tangent for City Admin, Brammers ran into Jack O'Neil several times, who ask him to Join the offical Tangent clan. At first Brammer's was still intending to move over to City Admin, but news from Katherine meant that the SoE would not be continuing due to the lack of work and its operation would be merged into NCPD Precinct One. Disappointed and lost, he went about the wastelands trying to improve his droning and pistol skills on his own. It was not until one day he genrepped to Chester Lab and ran into Jack O'Neil once again, who requested his assistance in taking over the outpost. The battle was short and victorious, but once again Jack O'Neil ask him to consider joining Tangent's own offical clan. Needing a change in direction, this time Brammers said yes.

Brammers was introduced to Zane Shadowfall, who was the CEO of GTL inc. He employed him straight away as a member of the construction team. His initial trial was a success, and Brammers felt very much at home with GTL producing the finest quality vehicles in Neocron. It was at this time he met Thonkus, a researcher, who became a close friend. Together they became a team that was probably one of the best researcher-construction team in Neocron, which caught the attention of Zane Shadowfall. He was so impressed, that he promoted them to Head Constructor and Head Researcher. It was not long after this that Brammers choose to specialise in Droning combat, and to give up Pistols. It felt a bit strange at first without a gun, but he soon got used to it.

However things in Tangent technologies was not going well for GTL. Problems with power and corruption within some of the biggest clans with Tangent technologies , was making the smaller clans unhappy, including GTL. The final straw came when Mr Jordan the director of Tangent technologies decided that GTL was no longer needed. However Zane had plans to re-establish the business at Techhaven with the Fallen Angels. Brammers loyal to his boss, vowed to come with Zane to Techhaven, but before Brammers joined Fallen Angels, he first spent a week with NEXT - the designers of vehicles themselves. During the short time, he established contacts within NEXT and also help save NEXT from being taken over by Photopharm. It also enabled Brammers help establish a base within Techhaven ready for Zane's new company. Soon Zane's new business was up and running as Phoenix Ltd with Brammers in charge of the Engineering section. With TechHaven being Brammers new home, he settled in very quickly and felt very much at home, but the underground city of Techhaven always has a story to tell.

The rest may be history, but the story is only just beginning...

The GTL-B1-PPK pistol sidearm

PostPosted: Wed Apr 13, 2005 9:43 pm
by Brammers
When Brammers took up his post as Chief Engineer in GTL inc as, one of his first custom jobs he did was to build a new pistol he had been designing. The GTL-B1-PPK is one unique item. From the outside it looks no different from a Wyatt Earp, however close up and on the inside it is no Wyatt Earp.

Essential parts of the gun have been replaced with Gamonin-Trisol alloys, effectively making the gun indestructible and, more importantly for the carrier of the weapon, it is virtually undetectable to metal and density sensors. The alloy design is based on the same design used in covert side-arms issued by City Admin for it’s Agents. The chamber size was increased from 7.62mm to 7.65mm. The grip is made of a low frequency absorbing silicon gel, which adapts to the users hand grip for increased aiming and increased firing rate.

As Brammers started to take a lot more interest in Remote Controled Weapons, he stopped using his GTL-B1-PPK. However he did give the GTL-B1-PPK to the CEO of GTL Inc, Zane Shadowfall when his life was threatened by the ruthless Freedom Fighters, Guardian Elite Forces.

Zane Shadowfall continued to carry the weapon when GTL moved from Tangent to Fallen Angels, under the new trading name of Phoenix ltd. Before Zane Shadowfall left the Fallen Angels, he used the weapon to shoot dead a member of the runner faction council in the head. He then disappeared into an unknown location in the wastelands, taking the GTL-B1-PPK with him.

Several years later after Zane Shadowfall’s disappearance, his body was discovered in the wastelands of sector K02, however the GTL-B1-PPK was not recovered from his body.

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