S-STORY: Revelation

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S-STORY: Revelation

Postby Morpheous » Sun Dec 12, 2004 1:58 pm

Revelation, (Part 1?).

"Initialisation sequence complete"

Morpheous opened his eyes.

"Confirm RML. IDD within parameters."

He could not move- he was firmly attached to a table. He looked at himself, and gasped.
The body he was in was not his. The bonds released, and he sat up. He realised what had happened.
The last thing he renembered was someone whispering "Protocol #234043.332 engaged". He renembered clearly.

He checked his surroundings. He seemed to be in the operation bay in the Helios compound- his old body was in a vat with robotic arms tending it.

Morph opened his mouth. "Helios?"
"I am glad you are still functioning, Morpheous. Your body is still in stasis while I recover it from neurological shock- your neural lace is not implanted either."
"I see- what is the date, Helios?"
"The date is the 28th April 2876, 10:23:34 Dome Standard Time"
Morph stretched. The protocol Helios engaged was the endgame scenario- if all else failed, if he died, if Helios was discovered, then 234043.332 was the one to run.

It seemed to have worked. Time to see what he'd missed.


The GR hummed into life. In TH Sector two, a couple of Tangent tanks stared at the monk who'd just come through. Fallen Angels.
They shrugged and walked off.
"Helios, what'd I miss? A coupla TT tanks just walked off without shooting a single round...this is wierd."
"Tech Haven was captured by the CA. Lupus Wonderboy managed to negotiate it to be a safe trading ground. Try firing a drone off."
The drone refused to fire- it sat in the launch canister on Morph's back and didn't budge.

Morph walked past the Dome of York security detail and inspected the door's lock. He punched in a code, recited to him by Helios, and walked through.
Morph span round to see Sanityislost running towards him.
"Hey, Sil. I'm back. How you doing mate?"

"Hey, i'm chilled. You?"
"Fine. How's FA?"
"Still Free."

Morph nodded. Sil gave Morph a beer and grabbed a spell from his belt, and ran into the nearest building, which seemed to be brimming with spiders.

He laughed and ran down to the Fallen Angels sector.


"So, here I am. The new body should be operational tomorrow."
Brammers grinned and typed a few commands, adjusting the terminal's antennae.
"Right, you're back in as Security till you get your old body back. Good to have you back with us."
Morph nodded. It was good to be back. The cold, darkened floor of the store was filled with chairs and cabinets, and a huge mainframe presided in the middle.
"I need some time- mind if I use that term?"

Brammers walked out of the store, leaving Morph alone. The terminal beeped into life.
Morph sighed. "Only ten years. How much could I miss?"
The speaker roared into life. "You have new mail".
"How much?"
The wisp of smoke from the terminal told Morph he had a lot of catching up to do.

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