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Roleplay forum -all you always wanted to know-

Character background? Made up storys? Ingame storys changed around into real storys? Well anything you got for public amusement!

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Roleplay forum -all you always wanted to know-

Postby THN CPU » Fri Sep 10, 2004 10:33 pm

Good morning fellow Angels,

This forum has only one (additional) rule:
  • -Everything has to be written in a roleplay style, you can have an OOC part in it if you wish, but be sure to mark it clearly as such, like done in this post.
What your style is, will be totaly up to you, this forum is the place for writing about ingame events, posting your self madeup storys, posting cool combo's of ingame happenings with fiction (like N.E.R.D.) or whatever else you can come up with.

As you may have noticed, there is this sticky with the topic 'completed story' links - this topic contains in order of size and apearence the most intresting reads this forum has to offer, with here and there a comment on what to expect.

Also, the more intresting storys on this forum have been marked on their topic, the mark will be made by a moderator when a story is finished (or long due for finish).
They are there to make it easier for new readers to select several storys of their liking.

The marks are an identification for the reader what to expect inside, some of them will be explained below:

Code: Select all
BGS           = (Character) BackGround Story
EVENT         = official or unofficial big event
NEWS          = newspaper type post
VS-STORY      = very small story (fictional or non-fictional)
S-STORY       = small story (fictional or non-fictional)
M-STORY       = Medium story (fictional or non-fictional)
L-STORY       = Large story (fictional or non-fictional) get the idea

If you have finished a new story, a moderator will notice this at some point and mark it accordingly.

We hope you will enjoy your stay here,


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How to use character names and usernames in posts.

Postby Brammers » Fri Oct 06, 2006 12:40 pm

On all the servers, everyone usually has their main character, and also an alt. This is espically true on the multiple slot servers.

Now remember this is an roleplay forum.

Lets say there is an attack in DoY sector 3, by a ruthless hitman called "Sremmarb" from City Admin. One of his victums posts in here. Lets say the victum knows it's me who plays Sremmarb.

The wrong way.

"I got killed by Brammers, and he stole my guns and my clothes. Everyone must get this evil bastard."

Why is it wrong? You are forgetting it's a character not a player. The result is, everything thinks Brammers is evil to Fallen Angels, and the next thing I know is I have the whole alliance on my back.

The right way

"I got killed by Sremmarb, and he stole my guns and my clothes. Everyone must get this evil bastard."

Then it's clear it's some evil character called Sremmarb is evil.

Another way

"I got killed by Sremmarb (Brammers), and he stole my guns and my clothes. Everyone must get this evil bastard."

Here it's clear that Sremmarb did the killing, but it's also clear that the character is played by Brammers.

Not everyone's alts are known, and some people keep their alts a closely guarded secret, while others choose to reveal their alts to other players, but that's down to the player.

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